NHS Nurse Suspended For Speaking Out About The Pandemic

NHS Nurse Tracey McCallum faces losing her career of more than 20 years after sharing he views on the pandemic on social media.

The media are claiming McCallum has been spreading ‘conspiracy theories’ online about the pandemic after doing ‘her own research online’, but in reality all she has done is shared a different opinion on current events. 

She is being accused of the following:

Claiming face masks are helping spread the virus

This is something which even the studies raise concerns over, while face masks appear to make a small difference in a medical environment where strict protocols are adhered too, in the general population they may indeed do more harm than good.

Even Good Morning Britains Dr. Hillary stated:

It can do harm if you do wear a mask, you adjust it, it gets itchy and moist – which means you are putting your hand to your face more often. 

If the mask gets moist, it traps the virus. – Metro[1]

While McCallum said there was evidence that masks were a:

“breeding ground for bacteria and viruses”

Has Dr Hillary been suspended then, because she has basically repeated verbatum what this well respected TV Doctor publically stated on national television?

To date, there is no real evidence to back up the claims that a Face Mask will prevent the transmission of the virus within the general population, it’s purely a matter of opinion.  

Openly slamming the new vaccine comparing it to “genocide”

Tracey McCallum has also opened fire on the new COVID-19 vaccines, she has publically compared them to ‘genocide’.  Of course they have yet to be released onto the general public, so no genocide has occurred…..yet.

When asked about her comments, she responded:

“What I was meaning was that nurses were fooled in the war, through the Holocaust, into giving people medication. There have been a lot of bad side effects. I know a lot of nurses who don’t want to take it and I think ‘if you don’t want to take it then why give it to someone else?’”

Is this a Conspiracy Theory, no, it’s an opinion based on real concerns. All the COVID-19 vaccines are being designed, produced, trialed and then mass produced all within a few months.

The safety trials haven’t shown huge promise, and clearly even the UK Government are expecting major problems when the vaccine finally does hit the publics bloodstreams:

The MHRA urgently seeks an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs) – OYE NEWS[2]

Backing hydroxychloroquine taken by Donald Trump but dismissed by world health chiefs

Hydroxychloroquine may indeed have been dismissed by ‘World Health Chiefs’, but these so called chiefs are not leaders in the field of medicine. HCQ has clear benefits to treat COVID-19, I reported on this numerous times. 

But whether due to political reasons or something else, Government, Mainstream media and Big Tech have all censored anyone who promotes HCQ for COVID-19 treatment.

Remember the Frontline Doctors who were wiped out of existence after sharing this:

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