Bailing On Tucker, Will China Eat Our Lunch?, And Defund The Universities, Etc.

00m48s  Bailing on Tucker.  (It wouldn’t have hurt.)

14m22s  Forgive us our debts.  (Better yet, make the colleges eat ’em.)

19m47s  Will China eat our lunch?  (Report on a Zoom call.)

24m27s  ChiComs get pushy.  (Five Eyes, Quad, and BRICS.)

33m03s  Deplatforming Treehouse.  (No, not mine.)

34m15s  Biden’s economic plan.  (Hire race grifters.)

35m27s  Are Asians white?  (No, but they’re Ice People.)

37m09s  Destroying the Boy Scouts.  (A lawyers’ ramp.)

39m22s  A handy device.  (Lonely in Japan.)

40m24s  Coup in Peru.  (Not much news.)

40m37s  Signoff.  (With a British tenor.)