Gov. Cuomo Wins Emmy Award For Saying Things That Soothe The Ruling Elite

Gov. Cuomo’s ascent to TV stardom reminds me of how Rudy Giuliani became the putative GOP frontrunner for 2008 in the days after 9/11: not by doing anything useful, but by Giving Good Briefings on TV to scared New Yorkers.

iSteve commenter 415 Reasons notes:

If you ask The Science, you can see in this Nature paper a summary of the implied infection fatality rate of ~30 cities around the world where they have done seroprevalence studies. NYC had an Infection Fatality Rate about 120% the mean of these places and about 40% higher than the second worst. Figure 2B. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2918-0_reference.pdf

Now I don’t know WHY their IFR for people <65 stood out as being uniquely bad, but it certainly could be because of Cuomo’s disastrous decision to send COVID patients back into nursing homes (since there are indeed many sickly people under 65 living in such long term care facilities).

You would think such a leader would not get the COVID lifetime achievement award. But clearly the most important point of COVID had not been around actually making the right decisions to enhance the overall well being of society it has been about being in control and saying what sounds good to the ruling elite.

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