COVID-19 – The Pandemic That Wasn’t

It’s not a Pandemic, it’s genocide

Genocide; Gen-o-cide; n

The systematic killing of substantial numbers of people on the basis of ethnicity, religion, political opinion, social status, or other particularity.

People are dying in excess, this cannot be denied. But it’s not because of damned virus. People are dying because of the policies and being imposed upon populations. People are dying because of the constant fear-porn we are being subjected to thanks to the mainstream media.

The real death toll of this scamdemic will not be televised, it will not be in your news feeds every day, it will not be charted and analysed. The real death will be ignored, disregarded. Yes, there is an excess death count this year in many parts of the World, which I’d argue were largely due to Government policy and the perpetual fear campaigns, but there will be millions of deaths Worldwide for years to come thanks to everyone who participated in this fraudulent event.

There is no pandemic, there is only murder on a scale not seen outside wartime, this is Genocide.

Compliance Equals Complicit

Now this is the bit many people do not like to hear, and I get it – it’s not easy to be the odd one out in society, no matter how bonkers they might all be behaving. But deep down you know, you know by complying to these ridiculous rules and these ridiculous mandates you are in some way complicit.

But you need to, we all need to. There does not need to be violence or disorder, simply peaceful non-compliance. You do not need to wear a mask, it won’t save you or another. You should not reframe from human contact with others, the benefits far outweigh the tiny risk it carries. You should visit your elderly loved ones, you should meet as many people as you want, when you want.

Stop bowing down to these sociopathic criminals who sit in Westminster, or Washington, or Paris or Brussels or wherever city these monsters tend to hang out in your Country, switch them off, don’t even find out what the new set of rules are. Just simply, disconnect and be free, at last.

I would have liked to end this here, however there is one last thing we need to talk about. What is the purpose of this, what’s the endgame? After all, if i’m suggesting there is no pandemic, then what was the purpose of this event? After all, I agree, seems like a lot of hard work just to kill a few people.

Endgame – The New Normal

The obvious question to ask when confronted with the suggestion that maybe there is no pandemic is, What’s the endgame?

Well, this in my opinion is what I believe the purpose of this event is, the endgame.

We’ve heard much about the ‘New Normal’ since very early on in the pandemic. This new normal they speak of though is not the result of a deadly virus, no-sir-ree! The new normal is a redesign of the current social structure, it is the vision of the elites, a new reality that has been in the works for decades.

This so-called pandemic was simply the perfect excuse to implement the desires of these people. So what is this new normal I speak of? What does it entail?

More social control, this is key to everything else. Without this, it is hard to ensure the successful implementation of everything that follows. What we’ve seen from day one with this pandemic is the constant public compliance and conformity testing. If we say “Jump”, will they do it? If we say “Wear a mask while having sex”, will they do it? If we say “You cannot see friends or family?”, will they do it?

It is not by accident that many of the rules contradict others or make no sense at all, this continual confusion and what often appears to be nonsensical rules are psychological tricks to maximise compliance. Confuse people enough and they will latch onto the next order they are given.

Now, social control appears to be in the bag, I’ve been watching and people are getting nice and comfortable with the new strange World that is being built up around us. Traffic Light systems suddenly introduced at the supermarket, no problem, people didn’t seem phased. They simply stood with their masks on, six feet apart and waiting for the green light.

One way pedestrian systems inside and out, because of course we cannot have people passing each other to close, the virus!! Fortunately people are not phased by this either, they have lots of signs to show them what to do and where to go – and so they do as they are told, without question.

Much of these orderly systems we are seeing are part of the ‘new normal’, a World driven by AI using IOT will, at least in its early stages, will require us to do certain tasks in a particular order. For example, when entering a supermarket it will require one person to enter at a time so they can be scanned and then accepted or declined entry.

The Internet of Things(IOT) is the foundation of the new world, the goal is total control. This is being sold to you under the guise of efficiency, innovation, security and environmentally friendly.

In time, with such a technology, you will need no human policing, no law enforcement whatsoever. Crime would be near obsolete, as the technological environment will self-police itself. Crime will be monitored in real-time, then appropriate measures can be automatically delivered to those responsible.

This AI driven World will be able to freeze access to money, disable your car and lock you in your house as and when the algorithm see’s fit.

But first, comes the Great Reset!

The Great Reset

 I’m sure by now you have come across this term, it has been fairly well covered by the mainstream media as well as alternative media, if slightly different takes on the event.

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