Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 5, 2020, #278



Dane Wigington

While ever increasing weather disasters take their toll on populations and crop yields, a new wave of CV-19 lockdowns are being implemented in many parts of the world. How many are still clinging to the belief that everything will soon “get back to normal”? How many still choose to believe that governments will fix everything? Societal collapse was unfolding and accelerating long before the CV-19 scenario was thrust upon the world, geoengineering / weather warfare operations are a core component in the equation. CV-19 is the power structure’s response to looming climate and environmental collapse. What do the controllers have in store for us now? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is unfolding on numerous fronts, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Geoengineering Watch has conducted our first ever high altitude particulate testing. Film footage of the flight and lab testing processes are featured in “The Dimming”, a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a new 12+ minute insight segment on the upcoming film.

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