Biological Dentistry & Cancer Prevention

Video Transcript:

So my professional training in dentistry, I’m going to kind of speed it up here a little bit. I’ve got a lot to share with you and I’m going to talk fast. So if I’m talking too fast, you’re going to have to listen faster. Okay? So that’s kind of how it goes. But professional training in dentistry, people ask me all the time, “Why do dentists do what they do?” To my response to that is, “We do a lot of good things for people. We really do. But we do a lot of stupid things too.”

And to them I would say, that dentists are really only taught the ADA dogma, which means, mercury’s okay and root canals are okay and infections in your mouth are okay. Fluoride’s okay. And you know what? It’s not okay. And in my training, I had graduated from Minnesota dental school in 1980 and I practiced with a very famous, PhD biochemist called Leon Singer. And he said, and I remember writing this down in dental school, he wrote that, “America will never have micro or macro nutrient deficiencies because we have vitamin enriched bread, like wonder bread.” And I wrote it down and I’m like, “Okay.”

So what I learned from that was, I got 50% of what I learned in school was correct. The other half was incorrect and I had to figure out which half was right. So anyway, and then I attended a very cool seminar about a year and a half ago with a very prominent physician who was kind of one of my mentors, Dr. Frank Shallenberger. And he said to the group, he said, “There’s only one disease. I’m here to tell you there’s about one disease,” and it was a group, a room about four times the size of this many people in it. There were four times as many people and everybody’s looking around like, what do you mean there’s only one disease?

We were trained from the reductionist theory that there are many diseases and many drugs and that’s why we have all these drugs. So any guesses?

That’s the most—aging. What causes aging? The inability to make new cells and to remove damaged ones. This is a Jerry Tennant principle. So we have low voltage leading to low oxygenation and low pH. These are all related. There’s an interrelationship that I’m not going to have time to go through, but what I’m going to suggest for you people to do is buy Jerry Tennant’s book called “Healing is Voltage.” It’s become my Bible—my medical Bible.

And so I can sum up aging and disease process in this one paragraph: Aging is caused by lowered metabolism leading to lowered oxygen levels, resulting in inflammation and mitochondrial damage and hydrogen ion excess or acidity, because we drink water with no electrical charge and we don’t get enough macro and micro minerals nor nutrients. That’s it. That’s the definition of disease right then and there.

And so, Edward gave a seminar just in the last room and about frequency and frequency is related to voltage, is related—We’re biochemical machines. Like in the last slide, it says, we’re a bioenergetic template and we’re a biochemical bag of biochemicals. So, aging is caused by lower metabolism and improper oxygen utilization. That’s why we look at, in our practice, we look at ozone, ATP production, metabolism, infections and connections.

So I’m going to get going a little faster here now. So you’re going to have to listen faster. So why am I tired all the time? We have a check sheet in our clinic and it says, “Are you tired all the time?” And 90% of my patients, well, the definition, my definition of holistic dentistry is we get the patients with the whole list of problems, and they really, we get a lot of train wrecks, and there are a lot of people out there suffering.

You got—your job, you guys, and my job when, when people come to see me, is to identify the systems that are broken, and there they are. And does any—I think you all know the three signs of old age, right, of aging? The first ones, loss of memory. And I can’t remember the other two. So excuse me. So that’s why I’ve developed this program age rejuvenation life enhancement program, so that I could remember.

The second thing we have to do is identify the stressors, and the stressors are decreased oxygen, metabolism, and chronic inflammation, all caused by all of these things here and here’s the list. And I don’t have time to go through each one of these, but they’re all very important. As you can see, number 17 is dental infections and scars and I’d like to go through that. So on the right here is, what we call Dunlap disease.

That’s where your belly Dunlop’s over your pants. Excuse me. This is really typically caused called the metabolic syndrome. And, I don’t have enough time to get—I have a whole program on metabolic syndrome and that’s a very serious thing. But, these are, we use a lot of different testing rather than just standardized blood tests, which really signify because the ranges are so large, they really tell you that you’re, you know—

When your doctor says you’re normal and the range is this big and you’re way down here or you’re way up here, what that really means is you’re normally screwed up like everybody else your age, because the levels are just too large. So we use these tests and they’re in the program, but Genova NutrEval test is a good one. For cardiovascular, the second month of the bottom, it’s an LPP cardiovascular test, it tells you your lipoprotein particle sizes. I’m going to have to get going here a little bit.

Dentistry, oxygen, and airway space. In our practice we do a lot of things. We do a lot of things, but one of the things we do the most of that we’ve gotten into is myofunctional orthodontics, just expanding airways. The whole can affect the mouth in the mouth, can affect the whole. And so oral systemic links are two way streets. And, Jerry Tennant said, and Jerry I hope you’re listening by the way.

“Chronically ill patients needed biological dentists more than a medical doctor. Great health requires a well-formed disease-free mouth.” And if you dropped down a little bit, “Mouth breathing and underdeveloped jaws can shorten your lifespan by up to about 10 years.” I think that’s pretty incredible. And you say, well, why is that? And it’s because you’re not getting enough oxygenation.

As oxygen drops, cancer rises. Low oxygen levels trigger the spread of cancerous tumors. That’s a statement by John Hopkins University. All chronic pain, suffering, and disease is caused by a lack of oxygen at the cellular level. level. That’s Dr. Arthur Guyton who wrote a textbook called “Medical Physiology.” It’s about this thick. I used it, when I went to dental school and I’ve used it ever since.

What perpetuates cancer? A reactive sick care—these are my words. A reactive sick care insurance system based on a flawed, outdated medical model, trying to surgically eliminate tumors that are protective, not causative. So what’s really messing up your health? And the answer is-

I love that. I had to put that in there. So what’s really messing up your health is low voltage leading to low oxygen levels.

So when you raise the voltage, you get better. That’s just the bottom line. So high voltage, here’s the bottom line. With low voltage, you only create two molecules of ATP versus 38 ATP molecule is created in the basement membrane of the mitochondrial basement membrane when you’re fully oxygenated. That’s why oxygen and voltage are so important. Oxygen is the most abundant element in the body. You know what’s number two? Silica.

So when you deprive a cell of 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours, it will become cancerous. That’s Otto Warburg’s work. And, anyway, so ozone mechanism. We use a lot of ozone in our practice and I’ve got some slides on that too. Ozone creates peroxides just like your immune system does, and just like vitamin C does, and it practices to kill anaerobic bugs.

So, get rid of your major systemic causes and your major sources of inflammation, dental infections and there are root canal infections, gingivitis, periodontal disease, periapical meaning around the apex, infections, ostial cavitations, metal-based crowns. If you have a crown and it looks like it’s metal, look at the thin rim at the bottom of the margin because if it looks like it’s dark, it’s probably a metal-base crown, because they’re called PFMs, porcelain fused to metal and they’re not good.

Oral galvanism, if you get lots of metals in your mouth, get rid of those. And on it goes. So here’s your 10 step plan to clean up your mouth. Remove all your metal fillings properly. And I’m just going to let you take a picture of this because I’m going to have to step it up here a little bit. Number six, have orthodontics for your kid or your kid’s done orthopedically. Go to someone who does arch expansion, and that’s what we do.