Censorship – Dr. Josh Axe Axed From Facebook

Dr. Josh Axe who at one point at one time had the largest health page in the World has found himself axed from Facebook (no pun intended).

This will not end. If you go against the grain of accepted narratives, if you offer health options outside the pharmaceutical paradigm, you will eventually face the ruthless fist of censorship from the technocrats that are hijacking the internet.

Dr. Axe is one of the more tame health channels, he doesn’t speak about anything radical, he offers natural health advice. But apparently according to Facebook he was providing misinformation.

What exactly was his crime we have yet to find out.

You can find Dr. Axe here: https://draxe.com/

Please help us fight censorship by supporting the platforms that strive to offer a safe haven for our speech.

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