Turkish Officers Are Demanding the Syrians to Evacuate the Villages of “Antakya” Countryside Without an Official Decision

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Private sources reported that Turkish officers, accompanied by a number of mukhtars, went to villages around the city of “Antakya”, and demanded that the Syrian refugees evacuate them within days, without prior notice.

The sources pointed out that the Turkish officers informed the Syrians in the villages of Haji Pasha, Amso, Qalamas, Juma, and Bishrieh in the countryside of Antakya, that they must leave the area within two days without explaining the reasons.

According to the sources, the targeted villages include about 15,000 Syrian refugees, including children and women, and most of them work in agriculture, livestock, and rural handicrafts, and face a threat to their fate after being warned to evacuate the area, although this is not based on a clear official decision.

The Turkish officers and mayors informed the Syrian refugees in the villages of Magdala and Kashkamit of the necessity of immediate evacuation as well, before an agreement is reached not to deport from the area in exchange for not allowing any additional Syrian housing in the two villages.

Last year, a German organization rehabilitated and rehabilitated these villages and built new homes in them to accommodate the Syrian refugees, according to the sources, and the organization agreed with the district mayor that it is not permissible to forcibly deport any Syrians from the newly restored and built homes, although some Syrians in those villages own their own homes and shops. However, the unofficial decision included everyone.

Syrians in Turkey suffer from ongoing formal and informal violations, targeting the right to asylum guaranteed by international laws, and the Turkish government is also working to use the refugee file as a pressure card to implement its political agendas, especially in its relationship with European countries and its constant threats to flood Europe with refugees.