Al-Nusra Arrests a Civil Activist Who Criticized Her with A “Post” on “Facebook”

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Local sources reported that the “Al-Nusra Front” militants had arrested a civilian activist in Idlib because of a “post” he wrote on “Facebook”, in which he criticized a local council affiliated with “Al-Nusra”.

The sources pointed out that the “Al-Nusra” elements arrested “Faisal Abdul-Razzaq Al-Bayoush,” who is the director of the logistical office of the so-called “Union of Revolutionary Offices”, after he published on his Facebook page criticism of the local council of “Kafr Nabl” affiliated with “Al-Nusra.”

The sources indicated that Al-Nusra is increasing its security grip targeting civilian activists and the media, to prevent any criticism or objection to its policies or practices in the region, noting that Al-Nusra members monitor activists through social media, to convert any comment of them into a charge that they are arrested. On its basis.

In exchange for the arrest of the activists, Al-Nusra released a jihadist leader it arrested last week, affiliated with the Ansar al-Islam jihadist faction in Idlib, without explaining the reason for his release, the nature of the charges against him and the extent of his involvement in them.

It is noteworthy that the violations of “Al-Nusra” in Idlib are constantly increasing, amid a state of popular anger among the people of the region against these practices. However, the people fear the brutality of the “Nusra” in dealing with if they express any objection to its practices.