Syrian-Russian Raids Hit the “Turkestanians” and “Albanians” in Northern Lattakia

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The joint Syrian-Russian warplanes targeted with concentrated raids the sites of the militants of “Turkistan Islamic Party” and the jihadist “Albanian Group” in Lattakia northern countryside.

A field source reported that during the past 24 hours, a series of airstrikes hit strategic locations of jihadists in the “Jabal al-Akrad” area, Lattakia northern countryside after reconnaissance aircraft detected the militants’ movements transporting equipment and ammunition to headquarters as operations rooms for them.

The source added that the raids destroyed a headquarter hiding the “Turkistan” and “Alban” jihadists, killing and wounding at least 25 of them. The two factions are allied in the north of Lattakia due to the similar extremist jihadist ideology and shared loyalty to Ottoman nationalism.

The “Turkestan” militants belong to the Chinese “Uyghur” minority, which descends from a Turkish root, while the “Albanian” militants owe ethnic loyalty to Ankara, as Turkey sponsored transporting these takfiris, arming them and supplying them with ammunition during the Syrian war, so they carried out operations against the Syrian army and targeted various installations such as the “Zizoun power station” by dismantling and stealing its equipment.

It is noteworthy that the takfiri factions in Northern Syria, including “Turkistan” and “Albanians”, refused to abide by the de-escalation and cease-fire agreement and continued to violate it, coinciding with the preparation for new attacks against the Syrian army points.