COVID-19 Vaccine Fertility Fears

So what is Wodarg talking about? He’s talking about Syncytin-1, well he put it into words in a recent petition put forward to the European Medicine Authority by himself and his co-petitioner Dr. Michael Yeadon the former head of Pfizer’s respiratory research:

“Syncytin-1 […] which is derived from human endogenous retroviruses (HERV) and is responsible for the development of a placenta in mammals and humans and is therefore an essential prerequisite for a successful pregnancy, is also found in homologous form in the spike proteins of SARS viruses,” – Petition[2]

He goes on to say:

“There is no indication whether antibodies against spike proteins of SARS viruses would also act like anti-Syncytin-1 antibodies. However, if this were to be the case this would then also prevent the formation of a placenta which would result in vaccinated women essentially becoming infertile.” – Petition[2]

While it is true that there is no evidence to suggest the new Pfizer covid-19 vaccine causes fertility issues, it is equally true that there is no data to available to dismiss the very valid concerns raised by both Wodard and Yeadon.

Are you going to just risk it and hope for the best, what about your 27 year old daughter who is in line for a jab in the not to distant future, will you sit back and just hope these concerns are not justified?

Could you live with yourself if you didn’t share what you knew and the worst happened?

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