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So you all heard of homeopathy and some of you experienced homeopathy. And America was the land of homeopathy a hundred years back. And it slowly vanished from America. And in India homeopathy became a major therapeutic method. And after conventional medicine, a 60% of Indians use homeopathy different times. And there are 200,000 doctors practicing in India. There are 200 medical colleges teaching medicine and homeopathy together in India. And we have education from degree to MD to PhD levels. So I am proud to represent the nation, which supported homeopathy when it was thrown out of the main places where it stood. But even today, we learn, our books are written by the famous American homeopaths a hundred years back. So it’s a homecoming for me in fact, to say that in USA, homeopathy needs to be revived for a proper health care of the public. So the freedom of choice of the individual, the patient, is the most important thing. And for that the TTSC is working hard and Ty and his partners are working well and we are also part of that because without freedom nothing will grow. So my dear friends, so my purpose today is…

Homeopathy is the pharmacology of personalized Nanomedicine, is fundamentally a research which I went through last 10 years. I’m a practitioner and teacher for the last 30 years. And 2010 onwards, after 20 years of teaching and practicing, I started actively involved in the search and I utilize the best laboratories in India, like Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and other universities. And I did extensive studies with homeopathy to see what is the content of these dilutions. By God’s grace, I could find the presence of particles of the original drake materials in all the samples I have studied, more than 200 samples. Investing a huge amount of money for the study. So this works are already being published. And also this came out as a test book and it is a standard test book for the homeopathic students in India now. Let us look into what is Nanotechnology and Nanoscience. It is a science of last 30 years. One of the most modern one, it’s, if you look at a nanometer, it is one by billionth of a meter or one by 1000 of a micro. So my interest was to see whether homeopathy has some content which is far beyond the existing level of scientific understanding. And this study has taken me to an elaborate work for 10 years and these two books are the product of this work.

They’re the study of the homeopathic drugs and its nanoscale materials are really explained. And luckily I helped printed this book last week and they presented my first copy to Ty as my best friend yesterday. So this is something which is, why medicine, why the science and why we are looking for alternatives. If the one science is complete, we don’t need other sciences. So these are some of the particles which you can see here, the analysis of aurum metallicum homeopathic drug. One sample I have given here, on 500 resolution nanometer, 100 nanometer, 20 nanometer, 10 nanometer. In the 10 nanometer scale you can even visualize the atoms of gold in 200th dilution. The black dots in between. So the other drug you’ll see here, sodium chloride, the common salt, which is a very commonly used homeopathic drug for multitude of diseases starting from common cold to leukemia. I treat the patients from common cold to leukemia with the same oral nitro neuroticum. And nito neuroticum will give will give extraordinary results in all these conditions. But the particles of nitro neuroticum when you look at it, the sizes 0.4 nanometers to 1.1 nanometers. Why it is important, we are coming to that point.

Another electron microscopic picture of hypericum perforatum, a homeopathic drug which is used for multitude of nerve injuries and lesions. So why I said this basically, these molecule are in genetics back-end which is evolving in the recent past. Come to the conclusion that how the cancer can be combated. You will see that conventional chemotherapeutic drugs generally combat by causing direct DNA damage and cell death. But homeopathic ultra high dilutions appears to adopt molecular pathways by causing modification in signaling cascades through indirection the DNA by epigenetics. Homeopathy drugs produce epigenetic modifications. This is a scientific fact proved in the last 10 years. Scientific communities, not noticing much about that, but it is a truth. So this fact when you look at, it is a clinical study published, these are published papers. There you can find that chemical induced malignancy, skin cancer in the mice producers, this is the first one you say A the normal, B is carcinogen treated, C is the circust alcohol and the last D and D you can see they treated with cecal core homeopathic drug. And which produced this much of genetic upregulation and downregulation in the genes. This red arrow shows the downregulation of the genes and the green one shows the protein upregulation, the genetic upregulation. So these are not just placebos, they are directly interacting with the genetic system and regulating the genes and that is very, very important.

This is another very recent study where it shows the gelsemium berberines, ultra high dilutions produces downregulation of 56 genes and upregulation of 5 genes. These all are scientifically published papers. The green brand is downregulation and the red band you are seeing is the upregulation of the genes.

Speaker: Under constant attack from reactive chemicals on the actual background radiation-

Dr. Rajendran Scaria: Please listen for a minute

Speaker: Free radicals are the by-products of normal metabolism in human cells. Seen here as bright particles, they sometimes react with DNA and cause chemical changes. Radiation can also affect DNA. For example, ultraviolet light from the sun can cause harmful chemical changes in the DNA of skin. These changes can lead to kinks in the DNA that prevent genes from being correctly read or deletions that alter the type of protein produced. Thanks to constant biochemical repair work, most mutations are corrected before they have any effect. But in rare cases mutations can accumulate and this can give rise to diseases such as cancer.

Dr. Rajendran Scaria: So the mutation of the genes. This pictorial presentation says, the mutation of the genes is the fundamental reason for all the diseases, and we know that. But when we came to know that, we came to know that in the last 70 years before the DNA structure was not not known to us. Now we know two facts very clearly in science. One is the biological systems are, fundamentally they are managed in a nanometer scale. Whether it is antigens, antibodies, DNA, RNA, receptors or anything in the body fundamentally managed in a nanometer scale. And we know that the whole system of human existence is controlled by the DNA. I’m coming to the philosophical part of the science where it went wrong. So the medical sense needs to accept the fundamental problem of the human diseases are from the genetics. And also epigenetics is fundamentally the cause for gene…mutation causes diseases and epigenetic modifications can cure the patients.

That is more deeper. So homeopathy is nanopharmacology because their drugs contain nanoparticles and homeopathic drugs produces epigenetics. It produces epigenetic modifications.

That means homeopathy is more advanced than the conventional biomolecular medicine, which is based on the fundamental rules of visuals and as well as the bacteriological theories, which are fundamentally based on the philosophy of Descarte. That is a Cartesian Philosophy of mind and body segregated. And human body is a mechanistic machine. We say unity of organs and tissues. This is what Cartesian Philosophy says. So there is an error in the Cartesian Philosophy and that error in Cartesian Philosophy has created the health related or the medical industry into a wrong direction and now everywhere we are speaking the emotions, mind and body should be combined. And there is only one system of medicine in the world which has the ability to integrate the body, mind and emotions in a prescription, in a therapeutic approach, that is homeopathy.