Possible Motive for the Nashville Bombing?

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Speculation is rife about the truck bomb explosion in front of the AT&T building in Nashville, Tennessee Christmas morning, leaving three people injured and millions without internet and cell phone service in several states.

The outage is being described as “extraordinary”, with no cell or internet service as of 12 hours later and 911 emergency systems down in counties 180 miles away. It also affected Nashville International Airport telecommunications, leaving flights grounded.

People are asking why Nashville? Why AT&T? Some say that AT&T’s Nashville data center is the hub that covers Georgia. An outage map shows that Atlanta is being affected.

Did the building house the servers that would prove election fraud in that state? Is that why Nashville Mayor John Cooper (a Democrat) was smiling during his televised statements about the bombing?

Pursuant to the Patriot Act, that data center contains an NSA intercept facility to monitor communications, leading one to ask, have NSA surveillance capabilities been affected by the explosion? Was this a message to the NSA?

Investigative journalist, Maryam Henein dug into the building’s history and found that the former owner was Cerebus Capital, a private equity group made up of Carlyle Group veterans, like Hooten Yagoobzadeh.

In December 2019, it just so happens, Yagoobzadeh acquired Dominion Voting Systems through yet another private equity firm. Coincidence?

An anonymous user on 4Chan claiming to be a data center employee says he expects it to take days to restore communications and he’s concerned that backup servers will overheat from the excess traffic. He asks, “How long do we have until everything starts shutting down due to hardware over temp?

“This is just one explosion, where else are they planning?…They knew exactly where to hit, at the fiber vault on the street. You get 3-4 of those go off, it could produce a Regional or US Wide telecom outage.”

This is could be a strong possible motive for the Nashville bombing.

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