Al-Nusra Fires at Demonstrators in Idlib

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Militants of the Al-Nusra Front shot bullets at civilian protesters who held a demonstration on Friday in Idlib, demanding accountability for the Al-Nusra members responsible for killing two young civilians in early November.

A local source told the “Syria Documentation Center” that the families of the two young men, “Taha Ghannum” and “Waddah Ghanum,” in addition to a number of civilians in solidarity with them, went out on Friday in a demonstration demanding accountability for the two youths’ killers and denouncing Nusra’s procrastination in the case and its evasion of accountability for its members.

The source added that Al-Nusra sent its operatives to the vicinity of Al-Sa’ah Square in central Idlib, where they fired live bullets at the protesters when they gathered in the area in addition to attacking and beating them, which led to civilian casualties.

This came after the “Al-Nusra” gunmen shot and killed the two young men, “Taha Ghanoum” and “Waddah Ghanum,” who were riding a motorcycle on November 8, killing them immediately, near the “Al-Thalatheen Street” in Idlib city.

Al-Nusra justified the killing of the two young men at the time that they did not stop at the checkpoint it had set up in the area, but it faced a state of popular anger that prompted it to announce its arrest of the operatives and promises to hold them accountable. However, nothing of that happened that prompted the families of the two victims to march out to the demonstration to which Al-Nusra responded with bullets.