Vatican, Obama played key role in US election rig: YouTube bans Italian lawyer’s video and affidavit shown to Congress

Simon Parkes, the UK man whose informative updates are running into the multiple millions and who says he has spoken to Q and his team.

UK-BASED intelligence insider Simon Parkes has confirmed that Trump’s backroom operations to save America are officially underway. Parkes says in his latest BitChute updates the signal was given on Twitter early this week by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in messages at 30, 10 and five-minute intervals.

In other developments, YouTube started pulling down the video of the Italian lawyer who released an affidavit exposing the role of a former IT manager for the Italian defence contractor Leonardo SpA, and the Vatican, in hijacking US election data with satellite-based technology. Obama’s role in the crime was also becoming clearer with Parkes saying the Vatican had acted as banker for the key players and a $400 million “get Trump” fund.

Meanwhile Parkes revealed that the affidavit from the Italian lawyer about the IT manager charged with the election data theft had been given to Congress before the January 6th confirmation of Electoral College votes. This has very serious legal implications for those who supported the election results.

Parkes also revealed he had also spoken to “Q himself” for an hour and a half and he, ex-CIA officer

President Trump was calm, collected and upbeat at the border wall near Alamo, Texas, yesterday. Image: From Right Side Network video.

Robert David Steele and money manager/online host Charlie Ward have been chosen as a communication channel by the Trump team. Patriots can choose to believe or not believe that. We suggest you take a cue from Q and “think logically” and apply the measure “future proves past”.

And we might ask the question, who is this highly professional online spruiker throwing up doubts about Parkes? The slick online statistics man notes Parkes racked up 1.4 million views in 8 hours. Another video a few days older got 3 million views while his total recent views are 8 million. The guy suggests the big tech oligarchs approve of him. Really? All sorts of videos on YouTube get multiple millions of views. We might also note the suggestions from some quarters that President Trump’s emergency powers might well have put a clamp on social media censorship getting out of hand.

Cairns News cannot say with absolute certainty that Parkes’ claims are true, but his family’s intelligence links are in the open for all to see. He clearly knows the game and he is clearly not working for the other side – unless you want to believe everything is a lie and deception. Parkes himself says he doesn’t know the entire plan being executive at the moment, but he is definitely in the loop and we’re listening.

“That (signal from Pompeo) means embedded teams all over the planet all reported in position and they all set their watches from that point,” said Parkes in reference to the Pompeo tweets. He said sealed envelopes were opened with specific instructions for each team. Parkes went on to talk about his ongoing role with the Q team. “What’s been agreed is a couple of other people whom I have been involved with on the radio shows or interviews will be invited to take part in a discussion and we can talk about how we got to this position and what might be coming up,” Parkes said in the earlier update. He hoped this would happen in the next few days. Meanwhile the situation was fluid and moving. “We get a message about something that’s about to happen and then of course it doesn’t happen. That’s just the nature of what we’re dealing with.”

Parkes said the Q movement started after the Kennedy murder but he didn’t realise it involved 200 generals getting together and pledging to “fight this evil”. They realized it wouldn’t take five, ten or even 20 years but set out to fight and “play out the long game”. “So, President Kennedy did not die in vain. That death, rightly or wrongly, created a movement which is playing out to fruition now.” Parkes said he had been assured the operation was going “very much going the way the good guys want.”

President Trump’s appearance yesterday at the completed border wall near Alamo, Texas, seemed to confirm this. He was calm and composed with no signs of desperation or fear. He also predicted his strong border policy would stay in place, perhaps a hint that the pedophilia-connected Biden crime family would not be coming to power. But the President also gave the impression Biden would be installed, saying the censorship by social media, large companies and the ongoing attempts to impeach him “would come back to haunt the Biden administration”.

Cairns News was not aware of Parkes until late last week, but when two writers including this one heard him outlining the general situation, both came to the same conclusion separately that he was operating in the realm of genuine intelligence gathering. Parkes’ own family history and background is steeped in British intelligence, which confirmed his present role.

Parkes said people trying to watch this all unfold behind a “wall of silence and abject lies from the media” were probably deeply frustrated but should not doubt themselves. “I’d never doubted it from the beginning but that was because I’d seen things most people had never seen and understood some of the plan – and I still don’t know all of the plan.”

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