HSBC Bank Say They May Close Accounts Of Those Refusing To Wear Face Masks

Financial Terrorists HSBC have said they may close down the accounts of anyone refusing to wear Face Masks. 

HSBC has issued a warning to customers as retailers step up coronavirus safety measures amid a further 1,243 deaths.

The lender – which also owns First Direct and Marks & Spencer bank – said customers who break the law could forfeit their bank account.

Those who refuse to comply will be refused service and could have their bank accounts withdrawn. – The Mirror[1]

If you still bank with HSBC, you should really consider changing banks. They are by far one of the worst offenders in financial crimes around the World, from human trafficking to funding gang crime.

In February 2008, Mexican authorities told the CEO of HSBC Holdings Plc’s Mexico unit that a local drug lord referred to the bank as the “place to launder money,” U.S. prosecutors said on Tuesday, as they announced a record $1.92 billion settlement with the British bank. – Reuters[2]

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