The American Forces Transferred Dozens of ISIS Militants Who Are Being Held by the SDF to the Al-Tanf Base

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Private sources said that the US forces transferred dozens of ISIS militants who are being held by the SDF to the American base in Al-Tanf.

The sources said that the American forces carried out a transfer operation of 70 detainees from ISIS elements from inside the Industrial Secondary prison, which is under the control of the SDF, at the southern entrance to the city of Hasaka, to the Al-Tanf base located at the Syrian borders with Jordan and Iraq.

The sources pointed out that the transfer of ISIS elements comes within the framework of the American forces’ support for the organization and its terrorist activity in the Syrian desert against civilian and military targets, noting that the Americans are using the militants detained by the “Qasd” to implement their agendas in Syria.

ISIS operatives use the American Al-Tanf base as a launching pad for their terrorist attacks in the Badia regions, as the US base provides them with support and armament, in addition to protecting them from being pursued by the Syrian army, while the United States claims that it is in Syria in order to fight the organization.

Earlier this month, the American forces transported a number of ISIS elements by helicopter to the Al-Tanf base, after some of them were held in Camp Al-Bulghar prison, east of Al-Shaddadi, in the southern countryside of Hasaka, and another in the secondary prison. Industrial City, Al-Hasakah.