Vaccinated Warned To Not Hug Their Children!

In a disgusting emotional attack on the family, so-called expert Janet Lord, director of Birmingham University’s Institute of Inflammation and Ageing said you shouldn’t hug your children.

When asked if it’s safe to hug your children Janet Lord said:

“I would certainly advise not to do that at the moment” – Evening Standard[1]

This is no more than psychological warfare on the population, every day we are being bombarded with this tripe. Fail to comply to Government advice and you might kill someone.

Professor Hugh Montgomery told Radio5Live that people “have blood on their hands”[2] if they flout the Draconian government rules and advice. Well, that is surely a matter of opinion?

It could be argued that it is you Prof. Montgomery, you Janet Lord, you Matt Hancock, you Chris Witty, all of you who have been a part of the Lockdown protocols, the psychological mind games, the social separation, the closure of thousands of small businesses, the destruction of our economy and thus parabolic growth in poverty – it could be you people that have “blood on your hands”!

Please, hug your children, hug your parents, hug your friends – we need more hugging. We have become a World in isolation, physically void of the emotional contact we quite literally thrive off.

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