Do We Really Need A Vaccine For COVID-19?

Vaccine – Risk and Benefit

So we have established the majority of people at risk from death from COVID-19 are those over the age of 75, specifically those with one or more underlying health conditions.

The risk to everyone underneath this age bracket, particularly if you are healthy, is statistically insignificant. And yet Bill Gates said we need to vaccinate 7 Billion people to end this pandemic?

In fact, he’s not the only one to state that the only way out of this pandemic is by way of a vaccine.

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated back in November:

“Certainly it’s not going to be a pandemic for a lot longer because I believe the vaccines are going to turn that around,” – New York Post[5]

Vaccination as I’m sure you are already aware has begun, starting with the most vulnerable first. This of course includes the elderly.

With several million vaccines already administered, we have already begun to see issues arise.

Norway has expressed increasing concern about the safety of the Pfizer Inc.vaccine on elderly people with serious underlying health conditions after raising their estimate of the number who died after receiving inoculations to 29. – Bloomberg[6]

Though apparently health officials in Norway are not concerned about the deaths stating:

Clearly Covid is far more dangerous to most patients than vaccination. We are not alarmed – Metro[7]

Then in Israel an 88-year-old man died just hours following his COVID19 vaccine:

An 88-year-old Israeli died just hours after receiving the coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday, a day after a 75-year-old Israeli died due to a heart attack also shortly after receiving the vaccine. – The Jerusalem Post[8]

These are by no means isolated cases, there have been many deaths already and thousands of serious adverse side effects.

There are various video’s now popping up online of alleged injuries caused by the new COVID-19 vaccines, none have been verified or confirmed a being directly connected to the vaccine – however, we would be extremely irresponsible to disregard them.

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