Dollar To CRASH Under Biden? – The RISE Of The NEW World Reserve Currency!

Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor about the inevitable collapse of the US Dollar as Biden takes office as the new President and the printing press goes on a rampage.

Janet Yellen, the former Federal Reserve Chair is the new Treasury Secretary and is already starting things off calling for an end of Bitcoin which of course is not enforceable or realistic. Decentralization will always win… Eventually.

First, the dollar is likely to collapse under Biden as trillions are printed into the economy and sent to prop up bonds which then carry over to the fake stock market. The stock market should not be going up when everyone is out of work, bankrupted and going homeless, nor when hundreds of thousands of small businesses are going under.

Tim is a certified financial planner and has incredible results. We talk about what is most likely to happen under Joe Biden and the truth most are not willing to admit about the economy and the lack of power presidents actually have.

Is China going to rise up as the new world reserve currency system with the Yuan? What about the SDR?

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