This Is A MASSIVE Power Shift! – Can The Economy SUSTAIN Another Lockdown?

Josh Sigurdson talks with Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group about the inevitable collapse of the stock market in the face of unprecedented lockdowns, restrictions and government handouts.
As millions face poverty, unemployment skyrockets, welfare skyrockets, impending homelessness skyrockets and people lose their freedoms, how will this affect the stock market?

Now that Joe Biden is president, will there be sentiment? Why is the “unhealthy” housing market seeing massive gains?

From this, we switch gears to talk about the Chinese model of technocracy, the cashless society. How will the economy be affected by a massive power shift towards China and the utilization of things like social credit?

Apart from the dangerous centrally planned cashless society, we delve into the uncensorable decentralized cashless system of Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrencies in general. We’re seeing a massive boom once again in the crypto market. Can it be stopped when so many institutional investors and corps are getting into Bitcoin?

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