Cats And Dogs May Need Vaccine As COVID-19 Monetization Goes Into Overdrive

Well, it was only a matter of time before Pets got caught up in the madness of humans. Scientists now say Cats and Dogs may need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to curb the spread.

Cats and dogs may need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to curb the spread of the virus, according to a group of scientists. – The Independent[1]

Nevermind that no vaccine out there so far has proven to stop the spread of the virus, this little fact is irrelevant, apparently.

In an editorial for the journal Virulence, they warned that continued evolution of the virus in animals followed by transmission to humans “poses a significant long-term risk to public health”.

“It is not unthinkable that vaccination of some domesticated animal species might… be necessary to curb the spread of the infection,” they wrote. – The Independent[1]

It’ll surely happen, Pets feel the ultimate brunt of all vaccination programmes, after all they are just animals right. There is generally little pushback when a new vaccination is added to the pet schedule. Even those who may oppose them upon themselves rarely have the fight when it comes to their beloved pets.

Just another chapter in this ridiculous pandemic. Beware the cat, it might not be vaccinated!

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