Captain Tom Moore Dead Aged 100: Covid-19 or Vaccine to Blame?

Captain Sir Tom Moore has died at the age of 100, after spending a few nights in hospital. The UK national treasure raised millions of pounds for the NHS, but sadly died on Tuesday February 2 after testing positive for COVID-19. – MSN[1]

Former British Army officer Captain Sir Tom Moore won the hearts of the British People after he raised £33 Million for the NHS by walking around his garden.

He was later appointed an honorary colonel of the Army Foundation College.

A few months later, on July 17 2020, he was knighted at Windsor Castle.

Just before Christmas Tom spent time with family in Barbados and since returning from his holidays (how was this trip even possible?) became ill.

He was taken to hospital on Sunday January 31st and died just 2 days later (33rd day of the year).

His death is being attributed to COVID-19 as he had a positive test result prior to his death, however could his death be attributed to the COVID-19 vaccine?

Well, according to the news following his death Captain Tom Moore did not receive the jab:

A spokeswoman for the family said: “Because of the medication he was taking for his pneumonia he couldn’t have the Covid jab. – The Express[2]

But is this true? Do we have any reason to be suspicious of deception here?

An article by Janet Street Porter in The Mail[3] stated:

I couldn’t be more thrilled that The Queen, Prince Phillip, Captain Tom and Joan Bakewell have now all had their jabs – The Mail via[3]

This however has since been edited as of February 3rd, removing Captain Tom from the sentence.

Was this done in error, quite possibly? However, there Sky News also reported that the captain had had his vaccine. But as you know, the arbiters of truth are becoming increasingly vigilant in their efforts to rewrite the past and control the present. 

Did Sky News also make an error in their reporting?:

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