Catholic dioceses collecting Taxpayers money through Covid relief program to pay the victim of clergy abuse

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Article by Leo Zagami

When the coronavirus forced churches to close their doors and give up Sunday collections, the Roman Catholic, which is deep in financial trouble because of the never-ending lawsuits against their sexual predator clergy, found a way to turn things around. 

An Associated Press investigation has recently discovered that as the pandemic began to unfold, scores of Catholic dioceses across the U.S. received aid through the Paycheck Protection Program, the Federal government’s relief program for small business even if the Catholic Church is not by any means a small business.

By doing this the nation’s nearly 200 dioceses, and other Catholic institutions received at least $3 billion from U.S. taxpayers money. This incredible amount makes the Roman Catholic Church perhaps the largest beneficiary of the paycheck program in the U.S. while still sitting on billions in cash, made of short-term investments and other available funds made before the pandemic crisis started. And despite the broad economic downturn, these assets have grown in many dioceses that now have new funds to pay their victims.

As the pace of lawsuits escalates and public awareness grows, besieged church leaders looked to bankruptcy as a new option, but that was obviously not enough because if a church district files for Chapter 11 and reaches a bankruptcy settlement, a percentage of its assets are divvied up to the victims, so the diocese plan to collect taxpayer money through the Paycheck Protection Program seems a much better solution.

Now the Catholic Church is able to use U.S. taxpayers money to pay back their victims while protected by the second Catholic U.S. president.

The financial resources of several dioceses rivaled or exceeded those available to publicly traded companies like Shake Shack and Ruth Chris Steak House, whose early participation in the program triggered outrage. Federal officials responded by emphasizing the money was intended for those who lacked the cushion that cash and other liquidity provide. Many corporations at this point returned the funds but not the Catholic Church, which needs it to pay the victims of their abuse.

In the meantime, Church Militant has reported testimonies from parishes  in Chicago that have scrambled financially to save their churches only to see the archdiocese close them down, sell them, and pocket the funds. One Chicago Catholic, after listening to voices of a great “Renewal” that was going to be for the good for his Faith and Chicago said: “This should really be called ‘Bulldoze my Churches!’ All they have talked about for the past hour has been about the closure and amalgamation of parishes; they are not going to renew or rebuild anything!”

The cost of sex abuse settlements may be driving the trend but the Catholic Church is basically becoming because of this a criminal enterprise not a religious institution.


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