Pedoempire: Sean Stone Interviews Cathy O’Brien Raw

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Sean Stone interviews MK Ultra whistleblower Cathy O’Brien, co-author of the classic book on covert mind control programs, ‘TRANCEformation of America’ to discuss the relentless psyops and mass mind control to which we’re all now being subjected.

When asked how she came to be involved in MK Ultra Cathy explains, “I was actually targeted for having been born into this multi-generational incest-based family and at the time, the local politician who was sanctioning child pornography in order to target children like myself was Gerald Ford.

“And Gerald Ford, of course went on to become the unelected President of the United States. So, that’s how I ended up being a Presidential Model MK Ultra mind control slave. My father received immunity from prosecution, he received lucrative military contracts and this was back in the real early ’60s, so it shows that the corruption that we’re seeing finally come to light today has been actually going on behind the scenes for decades.”

Cathy’s harrowing journey began when her depraved father sold her into the CIA’s MK Ultra program at the age of 6, in Muskegon, Michigan. This was after he had been busted for producing child p***ography “starring” Cathy.

A deal was struck with the government to grant her father immunity because they knew she would be a perfect candidate for the MK Ultra program, as her young mind was already completely shattered.

Through trauma-based mind control programming, Cathy’s identity was systematically split off into separate “files” and she was forced to be a CIA drug mule, a secret courier to corrupt heads of state, like Manuel Noriega and to be a “Presidential Model” sex slave during the Reagan/Bush Administrations.

During this time, she interfaced with high-level political figures, including Hillary and Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr. and the extremely violent Dick Cheney, about whom she had some very choice words.

Rescued and deprogrammed over the course of a decade from her induced Dissociative Identity Disorder by intelligence insider, Mark Phillips, Cathy would expose the criminal world of covert, Black Budget operations.

Cathy’s 1995 book, ‘TRANCEformation of America’ was the most detailed revelation to date of the Deep State’s plans for a New World Order, of unfathomable government corruption, information- and mind control and of government-controlled human trafficking, which is now coming out into mass consciousness today.

She says that COVID is a psychological operation using trauma-based mind control programming, that taps into the primordial fear of death. “Cover your mouth, don’t talk to each other, stand six feet apart. Six feet apart equates to six feet under – it’s so Satanic – they gave us $600…

“It’s important to realize that this handful of criminals that have been in control are so evil and so vile that they want to suppress the human spirit. They can’t relate to it. I’ve been around those people, they are evil for lack of a better word, they are void of compassion, they’re void of any kind of love and they feed off negative energy.

“When they sexually-abuse a child, they know that they are suppressing that child’s ability to have any soul expression in the future and they gravitate to that negativity, that horror, that fear and they feed of that energy. Negativity is their energy.

“And if we all realized that they’re all scared of our strength of spirit and of Love – which is the most powerful force in the universe – we would be able to see that the illusion they’re creating – they really don’t have power. They’re just sucking power and harvesting power from the terror that they impose on the people. And in that terror, we are losing more and more and more of our free thought, more and more of our ability to stand for what we believe in.

“When we realize how this process works, like the Satanists do…we can take our freedom back as a nation, after we take it back personally; that freedom begins within. We have to have our personal sovereignty in order to reclaim our national sovereignty.

“Step One, take off the mask, Step Two, use your voice, Step Three, fact-check for yourself! Start thinking! Look for truth, because it’s been suppressed for a long time. Knowledge is our best defense against mind control. That’s why it’s been suppressed. 

“When people realize the simple formula that they follow and how linear it is, we’ll realize that we have within us the ability to stop them at any time we choose.”

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