Building an Off-Grid Homestead ….. Start to Finish

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Bushradical and his wife, Brooke made this video of themselves building their off-grid aspen log home 25 miles outside of Fairbanks, Alaska and they made doing it look like a piece of cake. In fact, they’re so good at making things that are hard look easy, soothing and relaxing, that this video got over 1.7 million views in one month.

They just figured it out as they went. As he says, “Anyone can do it!”

“The world today is plagued with experts quote, unquote; people that want you to hire them to do the things that you can do yourself, because they’re ‘experts’.

“I don’t believe in experts. I believe people are designed to build stuff, to make stuff. It’s what we do. It’s really in our DNA. We’re creative beings…

“This is the third property Brooke and I have homesteaded, pulling onto it, right from bare land and building a home on that property and I’ve learned so much! Sooo much, in those processes. And I like the way I get things done better than the way people sit home and assume they should be done…

“No matter how you build, if you decide to build an off-grid homestead, the process is gonna look something like this. All the bits and pieces of your life are gonna be scattered all over your property. Nothing’s gonna be in its place because that place hasn’t been built yet and it’s up to you to build it. The cabinets, the buildings, the sheds – places for you and your stuff – it’s all dream until you wrench it into reality.”

He waxes philosophical and the overall effect is of an ASMR video that’s also quite profound.

“In today’s modern world, the question is always, ‘How much is enough? What do you really need?’ Well, everybody has the same needs. You need a place to put your food, you need a place to prepare food, you need a place to go to the bathroom, you need a place to take a shower, you need a place to sleep. You need a space that you can heat. You need a little bit of storage, just so the things you own are organized and they’re ready to use when you need them.

“The freedom and simplicity and independence of having a small, efficient off-grid homestead is a dream for so many people…With how crazy the world is right now, the idea of an off-grid homestead is more popular than ever.”

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