EU to Speed Approval of Variant-Modified Coronavirus Vaccines

The European Union will fast track the approval of the already fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccines which have been modified for the ‘new variants‘.

That’s right, an experimental vaccine that already was pushed through trials at record speeds, then rushed through the approval process can now be modified and will again, be fast-tracked though the approval process.

Stella Kyriakides said in a newspaper interview on Sunday.

“We have now decided that a vaccine that has been improved by the manufacturer on the basis of the previous vaccine to combat new mutations no longer has to go through the entire approval process,” – Reuters[1]

But it’s ok, safety isn’t being compromised – because she went onto say:

“So it will be faster to have suitable vaccines available without compromising on safety.” – Reuters[1]

Without compromising on safety? Really, how so?

The vaccines are purely in their experimental stage, safety trials have only a few months of historical data, and best of all they were all done by the vaccine manufacturers. But do we have cause for concern?

Well, if you read my earlier article on the increase in COVID-19 outbreaks in Care Homes[2], you should be concerned, or at the very least wary.

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