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Robert David Steele has been trying to interview me for nearly 2 years and we finally got together for a half-hour on Tuesday, to mainly talk about the current stealth war.

Robert continues to have faith that the dictatorial Biden regime, with 56 Executive Orders signed in less than a month so far was allowed to steal the election and to pursue every America-killing policy they wished in order to red-pill the dummies who actually did vote for him, thereby triggering mass buyers’ remorse and a Great Awakening among Democrats.

I told him that after witnessing the most brutal, systematic betrayal of the American People in US history, with the Dominion-Scytl cyberattack and the mass election fraud, the courts’ refusal to hear evidence, the mass certification of this fraud, the betrayals by William Barr, the Joint Chiefs, Mike Pence, Mark Meadows and Rudy Giuliani, that to continue to hold out any hope that the military is eventually going to “save” us makes increasingly little sense to me.

I also shared an anecdote from a friend of mine, a retired Marines Special Operations Captain who is annoyed by the “hopium” sellers, like Steve Pieczenik, Simon Parkes and Juan O Savin, who he feels are doing a major disservice; that what the people really need are strategies for surviving this Globalist-Communist takeover.

This friend is a member of the officers’ club in San Diego, where the lower-ranking members have mutinied against the higher-ranking ones. They’re seeking to eject them from the club, calling them “traitors” for allowing the theft of the election and declaring that they will no longer work for them as private contractors. The higher-ranking members have responded that the others should not be “armchair commanders” and that they don’t have the full picture.

The anecdote is interesting, because it shows a potential rift within the military and it actually does leave open a possibility that the hopium scenario could actually play out.

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