Sacha Baron Cohen Admits Amazon-Linked “Borat” Sequel Made To “Influence Election”

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Washed-out comedian Sacha Baron Cohen recently talked with NPR to explain why he chose to bring back his infamous character Borat during the Trump presidency.

“I felt very clearly from the start of the [Trump] administration that we were heading towards authoritarianism. And so I felt I had to do something,” he told NPR. “I was terrified that if Trump got in again, that America would be a democracy in name only.”

During the Bush-era, Cohen released the first Borat film, which painted Americans as dumb, racist rednecks.

After the first film’s popularity, the character became too famous to trick people.

However, Cohen decided to hop on the mainstream bandwagon and bring the character back to poke fun at Trump and his followers.

Asked whether it’s “ethical” to disguise oneself and trick people during interviews, Cohen essentially said the people he’s deceiving are bad, so “yeah, that’s moral.”

“I mean, look at what Rudy did post-Borat coming out,” he explained. “He spread this big lie that Trump had won the election. And that lie is so dangerous and so misleading that it led to the attack on the Capitol — and it hasn’t ended.”

Cohen continued, “So the morality of seeing how Rudy would react when he was alone in a room with an attractive young woman, I think that morality is pretty clear. I think it’s evidence of the misogyny that was trumpeted by the president and was almost a badge of honor with his inner circle.”

Was it “moral” to claim Rudy was touching himself in front of Cohen’s female operative when in reality he was tucking in his t-shirt after she untucked it by pulling out his earpiece?

Sounding more like a paid political operative than a comedian/director and actor, Cohen bragged, “What we did with Rudy was crucial. I mean, we made the movie to have an impact on the election. … So ethically, I can stand by that all day long.”

“Is the movie as a whole ethical? Yes,” Sacha reassured himself. “We did it because there was a deeply unethical government in power. And there was no question. … We had to do what we could to inspire people to vote and remind people of the immorality of the government prior to the election. …I have no doubt about the morality of this film. I’m very proud of it.”

So, although the film is blatantly deceptive and about as fake as a reality television show, it’s socially acceptable because Orange Man Bad.

Learn the truth about Cohen’s sleazy Giuliani set up in the following video:

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