Biden’s No Sexes, No Meat, No Freedom Agenda

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YouAreFreeTV (YAFTV) was finally de-platformed from YouTube, despite the endless, elaborate disclosures she has recited during her broadcasts throughout the years. But as she points out, this now means that *She Is Free* – and she wastes no time demonstrating it, letting ‘er rip, in her first non-YouTube broadcast, posted to Rumble.

YAFTV begins with a discussion of Rachel Levine, who is currently being vetted by Congress as Joe Biden’s nominee for Assistant Health Secretary. Until recently, Levine was Pennsylvania’s Department of Health Secretary, who oversaw the return of elderly COVID hospital patients back into their nursing homes, to infect the most at-risk population, resulting in thousands of deaths – just like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

To complicate matters, Levine is openly transgender. YAFTV, who is a Lesbian Conservative comments, “What Rachel Levine did is…he took his mother out of a nursing home in Pennsylvania and quietly put her into a hotel room, right when he put those COVID operations in place, putting COVID patients into nursing homes in Pennsylvania. That is who Rachel Levine is.”

Levine is an advocate of puberty blockers for 3 year olds and government-sponsored gender transition surgery for pre-pubertal children. During the confirmation hearings, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul laid into her, calling this practice, the “Genital mutilation of children,” saying, “This is the prevention of puberty, using hormone-blockers and also surgical mutilation of the genitals of our children, whether it is the removal of the penis and testicles of boys, the removal of the breasts of girls, the hormone injections, that make them slaves to medical tyranny for the rest of their lives.”

Considering Levine’s role as a health commissioner, that she took her own mother out of the nursing home and put her in a hotel at the height of the crisis and considering that Andrew Cuomo essentially did the same with thousands of New York patients and is now being politically destroyed, one wonders if the magical powers of transgenderism will continue to protect Rachel Levine.

All of the dystopian SciFi movies of the 1980s and 1990s cannot compare to the reality in which we’re living.

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