Teeka Tiwari – Crypto’s Next Trillion Dollar Coin – A Special Edition Of London Real

Voted The #1 Most Trusted Expert In Cryptocurrency

In 2016, he recommended Bitcoin at $428 each.

Today it trades at over $60,000 and is the world’s first Trillion Dollar Coin.

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It’s my good friend Teeka Tiwari, who was voted the #1 most trusted expert in cryptocurrency by an independent poll of 130,000 analysts.

This man has appeared EIGHT TIMES on London Real and has consistently chosen the #1 performing cryptocurrency in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020!

In all my years as a banker on Wall Street and a trader in the City of London I have never seen one person make so many correct calls.

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Unfortunately, the big money to be made in Bitcoin has come and gone.

You just WILL NOT see 120x gains anymore from Bitcoin.

Those big gains will be found in THE NEXT TRILLION DOLLAR COIN.

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