CHILDREN To Be FORCE VAXXED! – As Countless People Die, Government Targets Kids!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent reports pushing children to get the covid vaccine despite countless studies showing that children are largely immune and that the vaccine could be dangerous for children.

Dr. Kawsar Talaat of the eugenics loving Johns Hopkins Institute says that children need to be vaccinated or else there will be no immunity. While this could lead to mass sterylization of the planet, that doesn’t worry a eugenecist, it pleases them.

With children facing health problems for the rest of their lives, this could snowball fast and create a civilization of robots essentially.

Also, it is worth pointing out that SAR-Cov2 has NEVER been isolated from a human. It’s been isolated from a monkey, but not humans. There are no tests in use to actually sequence the virus, just PCR tests that test for whether you have or you’ve HAD a virus or bacterial illness in your life the more the cycles are throttled. Not only is this all utter nonsense, it’s dangerous too. Extremely dangerous.

Destroying your immune system, raising your risk of cancer, causing brain injury, the side effects stack up high.

Meanwhile, vaccine passports are coming into effect in many places as predicted. The governments of the world are claiming they’re not vaccine passports however. They’re calling them vaccine IDs. Great.

People are being told in Canada and elsewhere that they cannot go to sports games or go to restaurants, or go on cruise ships for that matter without a jab. This is basically like dangling keys in front of a baby and it’s evil.

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