Tanzania’s President Magufuli Dies, The Covid Cult Rub Their Hands in Glee

Magufuli has warned his people that the COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous:

“The ministry of health should be careful, they should not hurry to try these vaccines without doing research, not every vaccine is important to us, we should be careful. We should not be used as ‘guinea pigs’,” –[3]

All in in all, Magufuli has been a pain in the ass to those pushing the pandemic narrative, while in many ways he has been a beacon of hope for others. 

So, does it come as any surprise that now Magufuli has died of a heart attack at the relatively young age of 61?

The president was last seen in public on 27th February, but after two weeks of no sight of the president it was announced Magufuli had died, of a heart attack.

The mainstream press here in the west has speculated that his death was COVID-19 related, though not a single thread of evidence supports such claims.

Publications such as The Guardian headed the news like this:

Tanzania’s Covid-denying president, John Magufuli, dies aged 61 – The Guardian[4]

The New York Times had this headline:

We’ve seen this time and time again, ‘COVID-denier dies…..’, as if the two things may have some connection. And indeed a connection is exactly what these headlines and narratives are intended to make in the minds of the unsuspecting majority.

Magufuli’s death is very convenient, very timely, and very strange. At 61 and of healthy weight, his risk from a heart attack seems small. But of course he may have had underlying health conditions, we can only speculate at this point.

It will be interesting to know more surrounding the nature of his death.

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