Eastenders Anti-Vax Shaming Propaganda Extravaganza

Few things in this World are consistent, the sun rises in the morning, we live, we die and the BBC can always be relied on to produce epic propaganda for the masses.

Eastenders is one of the UK’s leading soap operas, it has been running since 1985 and currently has 5 million viewers per episode, considerably less than its earlier years which would frequently pull in more than a quarter of  the UK’s population.

Eastenders has been the hub of social programming since it began, entwining current events and popular culture with their ridiculous cast and in a fabricated little part of London.

This little piece though from last week’s episode of Eastenders has to be one its finest moments of propaganda, if it wasn’t so dangerous it would be hilarious.

Every aspect of the scene has been considered, from the use of a lower class white female called Karen as the ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ to the comparison of the winning the Lottery to getting the experimental vaccine.

It’s disgusting and brilliant all rolled into one.

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