ESCAPE Britain NOW! – Britons BANNED From Leaving Country! – Vaccine Passports COMING SOON!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest restrictions on leaving Britain as the government comes in with strict laws prohibiting individuals from leaving the country all together. If one is to leave the country, they will be faced with a 5000 pound fine.

It appears as though airports and roads will be closed to people attempting to leave anyways. People will be forced to have a “good reason” to leave the country. Authoritarianism isn’t one of the “good reasons” to leave according to the government.

It is clear that the only way people will later be able to leave for a vacation, or to escape in general is via a vaccine passport. It will be mandatory to have had a C-vaccine in order to escape the prison island.

As millions face starvation and poverty as well as homelessness and depression, the state will use the sorrows of the many in order to enforce the tyrannical ideas of the few out of desperation. Unfortunately, it will work for most.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson is looking to ban people from going to pubs without a vaccine and Krispy Kreme is giving people terrible, unhealthy doughnuts if they show a vaccine certificate.
This is only going to get crazier, so buckle up.

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