Inside the Kinesis Vault

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

A few days ago, my old pal Andrew Maguire invited me to join him on his weekly video report for Kinesis. How could I say no? So this was recorded yesterday. I think you’ll enjoy it.

In what should come as no surprise, Andy and I had planned on a 30-minute discussion. However, once we got going, we kept coming up with more topics to address.

So here’s over an hour of two old grizzled veterans, kicking back and discussing the current state of the global precious metals markets. What do we cover? A lot, including:


  • the ongoing silver squeeze
  • the vulnerability of unallocated accounts
  • the sordid history of gold price manipulation
  • the global wholesale situation
  • where price heads from here in 2021

With today’s Thursday Conversation being recorded later today and posted by 8:00 pm EDT, this podcast is certainly timely in regards to giving you something to enjoy in the interim.

Please feel free to post, tweet and forward this link as often as possible.


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