Idiocracy 2020

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“You can’t wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep”

At every turn in what’s been a mind-numbing few years, we’ve found parallels to the one film that warned us what would go wrong if we elected a former porn star and pro wrestler as the President of the United States and allowed our language to deteriorate to a hybrid of “Hillbilly, Valley Girl, Inner-City slang, and various grunts.”

Idiocracy, the 2006 indie comedy from Mike Judge (Office SpaceBeavis and Butt Head) and Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder) follows everyman Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson), who agrees to a military experiment that accidentally puts him in a future where intelligence has regressed, making him by far the smartest person in the world. Or so the story is told.

In this revised edition released in the fall of 2020 COVID-19 has captured the minds of millions to believe in the most ludicrous, nonsensical and appalling, non-scientific, technocratic impositions ever conceived that are actually detrimental & demoralizing to all who abide by them willingly. Since the corona cult began in the first quarter of 2020 the devolution of mankind has accelerated to a point that rivals the ominous predictions Judge warned of in his original film, and in some ways surpasses it with what can only be described as the “woke” mentality inquisition. We are entering a new dark age where manipulated perceptions and fear are used to divide the thinking conscious from the narcissistic unconscious who are demanding everyone submit to their suicidal insanity and behavior.

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