Epidemic Of Unreported Child Abuse In Plain Sight

The ongoing so-called ‘pandemic’ has hit everyone hard, no one has escaped the grip of the tyrannical reaction from Governments around the World, but there is a group of the population which is suffering in silence, in plain view, this group are the future of human society and parents are unknowingly through their own ignorance, destroying them both physically and mentally.

Let’s talk about the Children.

Another Brick in The Wall

Witnessing children going to school was a shocking sight to behold, as the bused loaded with fully masked children parked up outside the school gates, children were ushered off the bus by a team of teachers who ensured social distancing was achieved as the children made their way to their new pandemic modified classrooms.

With all over 12-year-olds now expected to wear Face Masks throughout the day, social distancing maintained where possible and the constant reminder of the big bad scary COVID-19 lurking around every corner; School is quite the little house of horrors.

But it doesn’t end there. Parents are shamefully allowing their children, and likely encouraging them either directly or indirectly to wear face masks out in public, when shopping or at the park.

Virtue Signalling

While shopping the other day at my local supermarket, I witnessed multiple parents with children as young as 5 fully masked, in one case they had matching pink face masks. Ugggh!

Using your children as part of your ridiculous virtue signalling games is disgusting.

Under any other circumstances, this unquestionably would be considered as ‘Child Abuse’. Covering a child’s airways and thus restricting airflow to the child’s lungs is clearly an issue. Where are those lovely child-snatchers over at social services now?

But the physical abuse is just a very small part of the problem. It is the ongoing psychological abuse on children that really is at a scale never witnessed before.

Fear is the Mind Killer

For over a year, children have been placed in a perpetual state of fear, the fear of the killer bug, the fear for their own lives, but even more so, the fear of killing those they love – their parents, their grandparents.

“Stay Safe!”. When people I deal with say this to me in closing our conversation I want to scream.

It’s everywhere, from billboards to motorway information displays. Everywhere I go, “Stay Safe”, “Stay Safe!”, “Stay Safe!”. Please enough, if it makes me feel like I’m loosing my sanity, god only knows how young children are feeling right now.

Filthy Little Rats!

We live in unprecedented times, a time where social division is promoted and human contact is condemned.

For the first time in history, a child is now made to feel guilty for cuddling up to their parents, a time when a hug is needed more than ever.

Britons should not hug their children even once they’ve been vaccinated, an expert has stressed – The Evening Standard[1]

And keep away from your much loved Grandparents, don’t touch them – you might kill them:

Grandparents who have received the Covid vaccine should not yet hug their families, a professor has warned, amid fears that those who have had the jab will abandon the lockdown rules. – The Telegraph[2]

“Keep those filthy little child hands to yourself, you are a potentially deadly weapon and you wouldn’t want to kill your own loved ones, would you? Stay Safe!”

Mental Abuse

I cannot begin to imagine how all this feels for children right now, but new data is emerging and it doesn’t look pretty.

Dr. Richard Delorme heads the psychiatric department at one of the largest children’s hospitals in France and what he is seeing is devastating:

“We are very surprised by the intensity of the desire to die among children who may be 12 or 13 years old,” Delorme said. “We sometimes have children of 9 who already want to die. And it’s not simply aprovocation or a blackmail via suicide. It is a genuine wish to end their lives.” –AP News[3]

Depression in children grew exponentially just through the UK’s first lockdown:

“To give an indication of how large this effect is, imagine ranking the children into 100 ‘centiles’ depending on their scores,” explained Dr Duncan Astle from the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit and senior author of the study.

“A child in the 50th centile would be exactly at the middle of the distribution. But a child at this position before the pandemic, could expect to be at the equivalent of the 77th centile during the lockdown.

“Put differently, if you randomly selected a child from the sample there is a 70% chance that their depression symptoms were worse during lockdown than before the pandemic.” – University of Cambridge[4]

That was the observation of children just after a few months of the pandemic. What are the effects a year on?

Ignorance is Bliss

In many cases parents play a large part of this abuse, by participating in this pandemic fiasco, reinforcing the lies and fears presented by the Government and media, they are validating fear and confusion in their children.

It’s disgusting and unforgiveable. There is no excuse for lack of research and critical thinking, particularly when this neglect to one’s own knowledge results in the abuse of your own children.

Parents who pander to these false fears in front of their children should be shamed, they should be held accountable. Not by Government, they’ve done quite enough damage, but by society. 

Good is Bad; Black is White

But in this topsy-turvy World it is I that is shamed; shamed for taking my children out shopping; shamed for failing to sanitize my children’s hands and my own at every entry and exit point; failure to wear a mask or prevent my children from running around like lunatics as if there was nothing to fear.

We are the lepers, the freaks, the odd ones out. We who have ensured our children remain free, happy and emotionally satisfied both mentally and physically. We are the parents of concern, simply for loving our children first and foremost.

Take this piece from the teen propaganda publication Teen Vogue entitled ‘Young People on Holiday Risks With Parents Who Ignore COVID-19 Restrictions'[5] for example:

Selena’s mom hasn’t tempered her activities because of COVID-19restrictions — she’s still going on out-of-town trips and gambling in casinos. Selena’s aunt, a nurse, doesn’t wear her mask dependably.

She says her mother’s side of the family doesn’t know anyone who has gotten sick or died from COVID, so it’s easy for them to pretend it isn’t real.

Plus, she says, they don’t listen to reliable news sources — “some of them still claim that the election was a fraud, so it’s one of those situations.” – Teen Vogue[5]

This shameful piece of propaganda continues to vilify the parents while validating and indeed amplifying children’s fears using unconfirmed science:

But there are now reports  of people contracting the virus twice, suggesting immunity may not last. Teen Vogue[5]

It is true that there are cases of people contracting the virus twice, but we are talking about a small handful of cases from the millions that have contracted the virus. The article intentionally fails to elaborate on this topic, they simply make the statement that you can catch it twice, and leave it there.

This article is just one of thousands designed to turn children against their parents. Its psychological warfare against your children, you and the family unit as a whole.

Please, I urge you, no matter what your views on the pandemic are, please put your children first, second and third. There is nothing more important in this world than our children, they are our future, our legacy.

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