Declassification of Scott Bennett Mission to Washington DC to Report on Election Fraud-Treason

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Shell Game author, Lt Scott Bennett joins Jim Fetzer to debrief us on the military intelligence investigation of the attack on the 2020 Election.

This video appears to have been filmed in November or December of 2020, when Bennett was working with Gen Mike Flynn’s team of experts in SIGINT, cryptology, computer systems, looking at the methodologies of the voter manipulations on November 3rd. The investigation was still ongoing at the time of this interview and the investigators were under the guard of Special Forces and US Marshalls.

This is an incredibly important, Earth-shattering report, that gives both the 40,000-foot view of both the technological and the ground game aspects of the 2020 Election fraud. On the technology side, we learn of the CCP-Swiss Bank Deep State involvement in financing the steal, the military-industrial complex involvement in developing the technology and in providing DHS hackers for the steal and the involvement of Chinese and Pakistani ISI in the attack. On the ground game side, we learn how the AFL-CIO is in bed with the CCP, along with radical activist groups like Liberation Road, the Sunrise Movement and the Soros Foundations, among many others, in the education and corporate sectors who have been involved in a decades-long demoralization campaign against the US, as part of China’s Unrestricted War against this country.

Bennett says he was shaken by the findings of this investigation but he was also heartened that such an excellent team was behind it and that President Trump, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell were all aware of its findings.

He opens with some legal advice and the information he personally gleaned from this investigation, based on his own background as a Terrorist Financing Officer at US Central Command with a Top Secret SCI Clearance.

Then, Bennett reads the stunning testimony of a cryptologist who worked on the voting systems for 20 years as a contractor and who saw everything unfold. I’m fairly certain, although he withholds her name that this person is none other than the brilliant Tore Maras, whose ToreSays podcasts I have featured on this site numerous times. She has since been de-platformed by YouTube, Twitter and everything else except for Twitch (to my knowledge).

Bennett says, “What the election has been, over the past year – this is a massive psychological operation, with the COVID-19 being used as the smoke cannisters, the rubber tires being burned, the black smoke to usher in…fear and horror and trauma and terror in the average American public…

“All of the people in this conversation [you, the reader and watching the video] represent really the only hope for humanity, the best and brightest. But we also have to shift and look to what the average person is seeing and doing and thinking. And they’re traumatized, they’re stuck at home. They don’t know how to raise their kids, they don’t know how to educate them and yet they’re stuck at home and they’re living in this squalor of slavery, that is forced upon them by Fascist dictator, Totalitarian Democrat governors, like Gavin Newsom and Whitmer and all of these other vicious clowns.


“One of the comments: ‘Well, what do we do?’ One of the things that needs to be remembered is that these orders are Unconstitutional. They have no power of law. So in one sense, you don’t have to obey, you don’t stay at home. The problem with the schools being shut down is something that needs to be rectified but there is no authority in a governor issuing any kind of a decree or order that can keep people locked down or stay at home or any of that.

“The Constitution’s very clear, this has already been litigated in Michigan, Pennsylvania and even California. They’re going to the courts and the courts are ruling – and Alito talked about it, too – you have no authority to issue these orders. The Constitution forbids it – only in a time of insurrection and rebellion.

“So what we’ve experienced has been totally Unconstitutional and it’s a violation of rights. This is a violation of 18 US Code 241 and 242. People need to write that down. 18 US Code 241 and 242 is Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law. Anyone ever uses law or an executive order or any other statute or health officer that says, ‘You have to stay at home, you have to shut down your business, you have to get a vaccine or anything else, you say ‘No, that’s a violation of 18 US Code 241. My rights, under the Constitution, God-given are inviolable.’

“And also 242 US Code 1985, that’s the civil rights lawsuit that enables a person to sue civilly for damages. If someone arrests you or holds you or does something to injure you, and violates those civil rights, they can be sued…

“My purpose for talking about this is to set the tone that we are in a war. And this is an information war. And that means you do not allow the Mainstream Media to poison your mind with false information. It permeates every level. The tone, the subject matter. You have to be wise and cut off, really all of the information that’s coming out from the Mainstream Media…It’s a psychological operation, it’s a war of information.


“What I want to talk about specifically is the electronic voting machine manipulations and such – this has been decades in the making. This started a long time ago and I’m going to read a little bit of the history of it. It essentially started under Obama, McCain, Romney, John Brennan. All of this was pre-planned and essentially, there are algorithmic computer technological dimensions of this, the primary mode for the spikes and the vote manipulations that were reflecting the election of Biden.

“And then, there was the ground game of bringing in the votes, manipulating the votes, being brutish to the people on the ground and that was orchestrated by the AFL-CIO [whose] president, Trumpka is a Communist who has the Hammer and Sickle behind his desk.

“I’ve got key intel people that are inside. I’ve got documents that are inside and I’m going to show it on the screen momentarily but the AFL-CIO was the primary umbrella organization that was trying to do a ground game, Antifa-BLM takeover and they have direct ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

“And that was the other part of this. The technology that was used; Dominion software has a direct connection to the Chinese Communist Party and Union Bank of Switzerland…What I had discovered when I was a terrorist financing officer at US Central Command with a Top Secret SCI Clearance…[was] that Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) was financing terrorism and involved in all sorts of shenanigans.

“Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer worked for the law firm that represented Union Bank of Switzerland and Union Bank of Switzerland and Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer and their law firm, Covington & Burling and Hillary Clinton and the State Department and Joe Biden and Barack Obama and John Brennan and many others that I list in my book, all conspired and collaborated to set up what we see here today. The UBS-Chinese Communist Party technological manipulation of software – and they tried to do it in 2016 and it failed – but they fixed their loopholes and they were able to get it across now.


“The Chinese Communist Party, UBS, UBS Securities, Dominion Software – there’s a whole story, here…that dates back very, very far…I was in Hong Kong last year, doing some counter-CCP activities and other things that I won’t discuss but I was in Hong Kong and I briefed a lot of intelligence assets and gathered information regarding the Chinese Communist Party and its ongoing terrorist financing operations through Union Bank of Switzerland and here’s the summary:

“Chinese Communist Party and Union Bank of Switzerland have created a joint organization, UBS Securities, LLC. This is a front organization used to purchase election vote-counting technology, Dominion and others for the purpose of overthrowing the Trump presidency and temporarily installing Joe Biden. I don’t think anybody doubts Joe Biden will be quickly replaced and my supposition is he will be assassinated and blamed on a Trump supporter for doing it so that they can maximize the psychological operation of guilt and a duty to carry on Biden’s legacy. I think they’ll take him out in a violent way but failing that, they would most likely take him out in a COVID-19 way, to again double down on the narrative and maximize their opportunity to exploit it, as Rahm Emmanuel said: ‘Never let a crisis go to waste.’ I think they have plans for removing Biden, without a doubt.

“They also have plans, as we have seen with the election meddling and the gross fraud…according to US Code Section 4, Misprision of Felony and I would even say Misprision of Treason, there are laws on the books that say when you discover actionable intelligence that indicates Treason…you have to act on it.

“And the President of the United States has been given actionable intelligence from us and other teams over in Washington…that show, prove and can be tracked, that this was a combination of a foreign threat and a domestic enemy threat and that kicks into his executive order, which was published last year, which sought to counter foreign election meddling/interference.

“He wasn’t talking about the Russians, he was talking about the Chinese Communist Party and this is coming out now. The Chinese Communist Party used Union Bank of Switzerland to create an entity called UBS Securities to then buy Dominion Software, Dominion Voting and other machines and companies so that they could monopolize and corner the market of the electronic voting processes and systems. And then, they corrupted it with zip drives, flash drives electronic means to manipulate the algorithms and then come up with the end result that they wanted.

“This was set up by two very important people to remember: the Mayor of Beijing, Wang Qishan…and the Premier of China, Wen Jiabao. These two individuals established this UBS Securities and gave $400 million – they originally gave $200 million to create this in 2014, and they didn’t put any money into it again until October 8th of this year [2020], in which they put in $400 million into Dominion and then, the rest is history. This has been revealed as part of the apparatus, part of the instrumentality that they used to undermine the election.

“In 2006, under the personal arrangement of Weng Qishan, the Mayor of Beijing, UBS Securities was transformed into UBS Securities, Ltd and acquired by other Chinese assets…one of the other companies that was bought was ES&S. It’s the largest voting machine manufacturer in the United States. So ES&S was acquired by the Chinese. It also acquired Premier and it essentially monopolized this whole voting technology.

“There are people associated with the Soros Foundation, Soros Canada Foundation that were part of this; Dana Simpson is one of the names that has popped up. This is the big working group: Union Bank of Switzerland, Chinese Communist Party, utilizing software for manipulating the efforts. That’s what we see happening right now. This is what Sidney Powell and Lin Wood and others are going to be prosecuting and investigating…


“One of the cryptologists…brilliant, brilliant woman who worked in these areas and has quite a revelation about what was happening and for how long, so I’m going to read her report:

“‘In 1999, about 20 attendees, including me were debriefed, including Gen Dunsford, Gen Hayden, John McCain, Clinton staffers, John Brennan, Cuthbertson, with Mueller and other identified brass and military personnel. At this meeting, John McCain discussed the Future and the New Millennium, which included issues with paper punch holes and deployment and discussed how the Agency, CIA was sourcing the right software to ensure that elections were secure and in the future. It was discussed with other developers, who developed it right and it included China and EU assistance. I was tasked to be the localizer of the products, Kuwait was the initial deployment to test and compete for John Brennan’s company.

“‘That was to be built-out, compile and analyze the data in order to secure elections. At that point, I raised the question of the integrity of elections. My question was, Aren’t the people supposed to be voting for themselves? John McCain’s response was, quote, we can’t have people voting for their leaders. We need to make sure the nations are in the right hands, unquote.

“‘I felt like I was the only one there that felt uncomfortable with John McCain’s speech, basically telling us that people were too stupid to elect their own leaders. The Kuwait deployment was the predecessor of the Fallujah election, as the same software was used.’

“So, we’ve used software in Fallujah and Kuwait and elsewhere, that people are starting to pick up on. This technology, incidentally was developed within the Psychological Operations, Information Operations community. One of the gentleman is named Patrick Bergy, who is an Army guy that worked at the same command that I did, who is a brilliant technological wizard and he essentially developed the Shadownet that was deployed for these sort of purposes; Information Operations, Psychological Operations, manipulation of attitudes, behaviors and things like that, that the Smith-Mundt Act had protected the American People from but which Obama and his striking out the Smith-Mundt Act essentially gave license to this technology to be used against Americans and dominate and manipulate the election process.

“So that’s why Obama executive ordered-out the Smith-Mundt Act, because it allowed this general pattern of Information Operation and management of opinions and behavioral modifications and controlling of people; this opened the door to that Pandora’s Box. And Patrick Bergy was the one who designed it…

“It’s astounding how many Republicans and Democrats have benefited, of course, too and how the Government and the Congresspeople, including people at Fox News, like Judge Jeanine Pirro and Sara Carter have refused to advance any of Patrick Bergy’s revelations. This is the military officer that designed this and this is the materials and the technology that’s being used right now. So, these people at Fox and elsewhere, it’s another reason to question them, because that sort of behavior is very, very suspect to me.

“‘[Recitation continues] John Brennan briefed the group on how to manipulate people to embrace new tech electronic voting machines, by pushing anonymity after the localizer identified key issues and dynamics. The project was called Project Rains. No one told me that this was classified information, nor was anything marked Classified.’

“That’s very important because people understand, when you’re in a Classified setting, if things are not named or labeled Classified, they’re not. So luckily, this was not but most likely, it would have been, had they known.

“So John Brennan is behind this manipulation of the American People to embrace new technology and new, technological voting machines. So, they’re getting us away from the standard chad/punch hole paper cards. That was heir agenda.


“‘[Continues reading] In 2008, Obama and McCain fixed the election. McCain knew he was going to lose from this manipulation. It was fixed. I was overseeing some of the operations, especially some of those concerning Charles Black. The Obama and McCain race was fixed to test if the technology and strategy by McCain could compete with social media outlets. They had already pre-planned who would win.

“‘Robert Bauer had drafted the legal framework for it, dependent on CSG Brennan to deliver with social media, which was the proof-of-concept. Dennis Blair was also briefed and assured success in the project by helping to deploy the Shadownet.’

“The Shadownet was the technology that Patrick Bergy, an Army colleague of mine had actually developed. He designed it. And he was back in Washington with all of us, as part of the special military team that was developing all of this, in affadavit form and it is on the record, so it will be utilized.

“‘[Continues reading] Dynology helped McCain collect data and deploy to compare, contrast and compile data, compare it to that and merge it to the Obama Campaign. The RNC was in on it, via McCain, hence, Dynology had access to the RNC though the McCain Campaign.’

“It’s very important for people to understand that Dynology is a company that was formed by Gen James Jones and his son left Afghanistan, Iraq, US Central Command and formed a company called Dynology. What they did was, they took the Shadownet That Pfc Bergy and many others in the PSYOP community had developed; they tok that technology and privatized it. They basically took the patent, took the technology that had been developed by the military-industrial complex and taxpayers’ dollars and they commercialized it.

“So Dynology was the product of military adventurism and was brought over and has been used in some of these Public Affairs, Psychological Operations, Information Operations in the US.

“‘[Continues reading] The purpose was to find predictive analytics, coupled with all the data they were able to collect, through various FBI contracts. Robert Cuthbertson was able to obtain and secure such data from both the CIA and the FBI. McCain’s purpose was to hide metric data collection that he would feed to the Obama Campaign, as well as to set a precedent for the acceptance of the results.

“‘Facebook partnership began at that point, with a predecessor of Cambridge Analytica, whose name I do not recall but was based out of the United Kingdom [that was most likely Oxford Intelligence].

“‘At this time, I could not successfully report to my authority and I was transitioned. In 2011, preliminary to the 2012 Election, I provided a Georgia address in writing to Patrick Byrne and Joe Flynn, which was the location where the cycle testing on the machines was done but also testing latency between script, bush and reporting, to ensure that live updates did not capture vote block allocations, that were needed to ensure efficiency of algorithm, battery life, latency ballot counters, optical scanners and digital slate.’

“That’s all technical language for the computers and the process and the systems and the technology that is utilized for these electronic manipulations of the numbers and the ballots and the votes.

“‘[Continues reading] None of this information was marked classified at any time. Romney [as in Mitt Romney] knew he was going to lose. A foreign entity-created code and algorithm, built by a Soros-owned company called Smartmatic, Smart Cities,  SOE Software was then fine-tuned by China via a French contractor, Saffron, which also subscontracts to Papillon AO, which is a GRU link.’


“So again, we see China coming into this and it’s very important to understand, too, China is waging an unrestricted information war against the United States, really, since the 1970s, even before that but it has quickened since the Bill Clinton presidency. The Chinese have engaged in decades-long demoralization campaign of the United States. The Chinese and their information operations are behind the LGBT, the homosexual, lesbian, manipulation of gender, transgender – that entire philosophical, psychological operation push has been fueled and financed and weaponized by the Chinese Communist Party information operations.

“A lot of the groups that are in the United States, that are formed to represent the political interests of these ideas are funded by Liberation Road, Soros Foundation, the Sunrise Movement and all of these have direct ties to the Chinese Communist Party in financing it.

“So this is a massive psychological operation, this is a massive Leviathan, if you will, or tentacle/octopus of the Deep State.

“‘[Continues reading] I have personal knowledge that Gen Hayden [who ran the NSA] was the running point for John Brennan. Brennan was supposed to come through with fixing the election and in pushing the election software, before being appointed.’


“It’s also important to remember that these people are tied into Booz Allen Hamilton and the Carlyle Group. Booz Allen Hamilton was my employer, along with Edward Snowden and others. These people, Gen Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, many, many others have been directly tied to the Carlyle Group, Booz Allen Hamilton, which appears connected as one of the parties associated with the Chinese Communist Party, buying Dominion Software and others; that the people in the Dominion Software-Chinese Communist Party operation came from the Carlyle Group, so there’s an incestuousness there that needs to be evaluated for prosecution.

“‘[Continues reading] Brennan was supposed to come through with fixing the election and in pushing the election software before being appointed. It was the deal, quote, unquote. I was operating under the supervision of the President, the CIA Director, the Head of Election Crimes of the DOJ, Pilger and others. At that time, they’d already planned to remove and box Robert Gates, who wanted more skin and refused to relinquish control. Gates was removed and replaced by Panetta. [Booz Allen Hamilton man who became Secretary of Defense].

“‘Panetta was moved to ensure that the Department of Defense would ignore that products of foreign defense deployed on US soil as tools of election ushering were being deployed. I have personal knowledge that Romney knew he was going to lose, because he colluded to pre-arrange the loss but hoped the mission would fail to solidify. Brennan reassured Obama that he was confident the software would work and would move the election in favor of Obama. Romney wasn’t on board but he knew that the software was going to be used. He knew, as his indirect investments in the election machinery was a problem and the knowledge of actions was used as leverage for that deal and the purpose of the 2012 Election was NOT to choose a president but to test drive the new software.

“‘There were about 30 to 42 Intelligence Community employees from various agencies that assisted in the deployment of the cypher key, what you need to access the trap door across 4 time zones. This was executed out of a location in Alexandria Virginia that John Brennan owned, a property his wife, Shirley managed under the cloaked portfolios he has.

“The 2012 Election was fixed. McCain had fail-safes if anyone was successful in altering their desired outcome. During that time, Patraeus was moved into the position of CIA Director after Morrell created the landscape to capture insurance. Both Chinese and Pakistani ISI operatives had been involved in monitoring, auditing and ensuring the software deployment was ushered in real time.

“‘There is important background information to be considered. JL may be able to provide more information as to what Patraeus was actually trying to do. Morrell primed and then Morrell cleaned up. He was the one who mitigated all that refused to cooperate, as Benghazi was being planned in 2011, when Ambassador Stephens first arrived in Libya via Greece.

“‘I have personal knowledge of that operation and how Morrell was working with the UN to orchestrate it. Morrell was the point of contact that Hillary Rodham Clinton brought in to buffer the Intelligence Community Concerns that the UN had with timing with the deployment of the North American Union.


“‘2016 Election. President Trump successfully won fairly. I observed that no script deployment or stalls occurred in 2016. This was because physical mitigation was in place, since Owen [John Brennan’s middle name] used the same location of deployment. Network and power were disrupted during the tally, which disallowed them from remotely accessing the election machines. I have personal knowledge of the physical actions taken to ensure disruption of their communications. [Military people, essentially had gone in and disrupted the operation against President Trump, as he was being elected].

“It is considered that mitigation may have been in place by another group to assist in hindering the deployment on the Department of Homeland Security side, which is not confirmed by personal knowledge but the Secretary of State of Georgia alleged in 2016. That confirmation is the elections were compromised because they detected the hacker. It turned out it was not the Russians. The hacker was determined to be a Department of Homeland Security IP address.’

“So, someone at the Department of Homeland Security is actually hacking into and attempting to disrupt the 2016 Election, to turn it to Hillary against Donald Trump.

“‘[Continues reading] The cypher key for the trap door was always in the hands of the Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence Community persons that John Brennan had appointed. It is the key to understand that Block Allocation is not a keystroke, it is the Block Adjustment of the vote. The code self-adjusts to allow the script to run, to provide the results of the election that had been pre-programmed.

“‘No Block Adjustments was done during the window of the 2016 Election. In 2016, Georgia had complained that someone hacked their systems. They claimed Russian hackers.


“‘[In 2020] I believe that the Department of Homeland Security IP was discovered with a non-attribution method used to mitigate physical disruptions of cypher key deployment that had previously failed. Therefore, I am certain that the master key holder, who was physically in Georgia in a port of entry flag, where DHS entered the election network in Georgia when it was there. If you find the IP address in the device that the DHS hacked, you will find the Georgia elections and the location.

“‘Key points: The cypher key holders are within the agency and the Cyber Infrastructure Security Agency,’

“CISA, that’s the place where the individual Donald Trump fired [Chris Krebs] a couple weeks ago…that’s the Director who said, ‘We’ve had the most secure elections ever’ and Trump fired him. This is why. Because the cypher key at the Cyber Infrastructure Security Agency is involved.

“‘[Continues reading] The 2020 Election seemed to have stalled all election machines at the same time, as the cypher key must have been originated from one point and pinged off of each state. This infers that the master key was used to block out allocation and that the operation may have stalled counting to communicate with on-the-ground persons to help advise physical mitigations to be deployed in case of an audit.’

“This means they were bringing in all sorts of ballots and undercover ballots and sneaking things in to match the algorithms that they were getting ready to impregnate the computers with.

“‘[Continues reading] The plan of mitigation if the algorithm fails, due to overwhelming contrary votes and the algorithm self-adjusts to block-allocate the votes needed to assure a pre-determined result is to call point-of-contact in polling locations and create volumes to match. It is then advised to divvy the amount of physical evidence that will be needed to cover the pre-determined vote to fix the elections.

“‘They are instructed to create physical evidence, then to resume counting. This is why the creation of physical ballots is found. Call logs of individuals at locations will confirm this information. That is how we monitored those mitigating for us Outside the Continental United States. This is the same operation that had run in two countries, where Obama helped usher in elections in Fallujah, Iraq and in Ukraine and others.

“‘This can be established with reference to the 2014 aid package. John Brennan used federal tax money to help contract-out the fine-tuning of the core software, upon which all election machines run. This is not a Dominion software issue, only. It’s both CCP and Pakistani ISI professionals were involved.

“‘When I arrived 12 days earlier, I asked for a collection of routers from all non-contested sites, in order to SIP and locate the IP access point. All 50 states and territories all connect to one location that gives a portal into the script marking. The actions so far that I have witnessed indicate an active coup.

“‘We could have found out who, what, where it was done if we had tracked the routers.’


“So that is the testimony of the cryptologist that worked on the systems dating back, essentially 20 years, as the contractor that saw all of the McCain information. This is in the hands of the lawyers, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, as well as the other affadavits from Patrick Bergy, who designed the Shadownet.

“One of the elements I wanted to get into is that is the computer side, that’s the technology side, with the Chinese Communist Party, in collusion with Union Bank of Switzerland and various entities to create the financing and the voter control, buying of these technologies has occurred. And the next has been the ground game that they’ve run with their Chinese Communist Party-influenced social groups, such as AFL-CIO, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and these others.

“Now, I have a document I’m going to read and I’m going to put it up and screenshare it, as well….”


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