LBRY Is UNDER ATTACK! – SEC Claims LBRY Is A Security! – Help LBRY Save Crypto!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent attack on LBRY and Odysee by the SEC as the alphabet agency claims after a multi year investigation that LBC (LBRY Coin) is a security, which it is not.

This has massive implications for all cryptocurrencies and is a blatant attack on smaller startups and independent social media networks.

The same people that claims YouTube and Facebook are private businesses and tell you to go start your own look the other way when these fascist government agencies come in and try to destroy the competition and manipulate the markets under the guise of “stopping market manipulation.”

The basis of part of their claim against LBRY is that they used a rocket ship emoji in a post once.

This is literally how absurdly stupid the SEC is and their criminal enterprise knows no bounds.

We must stand up for LBRY by sharing hashtag HelpLBRYSaveCrypto!

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