More Nurses & Doctors Refuse Vaccine! – Media Smears Them!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of countless Italian nurses refusing to take the covid vaccine.

The New York Times which gets 95% of their money from pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer decided to smear these nurses with absolute nonsense correlations.

According to the NYT, the nurses that didn’t get the vaccine are killing people because one person died after coming into the hospital sick and one of the nurses treating them hadn’t been vaccinated.

This claim is of course absurd and nonscientific, especially considering people who’ve been vaccinated almost always get sick and can spread illnesses easily.

But on top of this, the NYT was the newspaper parading around the idea that nurses were the greatest heroes ever for the past year despite none of them being vaccinated. By the logic of the NYT, the nurses were killing everyone this whole past year.

That, or they weren’t killing anyone, the vaccine gets mandated a couple weeks ago for the nurses and suddenly the few that aren’t vaccinated are killing new patients.

The fact that people could read the NYT article and actually take it seriously really shows how absurdly stupid people have gotten due to fear mongering and conformity.

The NYT should also disclose their sponsors before bashing nurses that won’t get their death jab.
Millions of doctors worldwide are starting to come out in opposition of the vaccine.

This is many people’s red line and let’s hope we overcome this tyranny or we are in a world of trouble. Especially with vaccine passports.

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