UK Reports More Blood-Clotting Incidents From AstraZeneca Jab

The UK has reported 30 cases of blood-clotting in people who received the AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine.

This often deadly side-effect from the Vaccine has prompted many European Countries to suspend use of the Vaccine on older people.

The clotting cases have generated concern because, scientists said, they were somewhat unusual. They involve blood clots combined with unusually low levels of platelets, a disorder that can lead to heavy bleeding.

The clotting events that have drawn the most concern, known as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, entail clots in the veins that drain blood from the brain, a condition that can lead to a rare type of stroke. Those represented 22 of the 30 clotting cases that Britain reported this week. – The New York Times[1]

While these incidents of blood-clotting have occurred shortly after vaccination, officials and the media are refusing to draw a link between the two and continue to downplay the issue.

….it is not clear whether any of the cases are linked to the vaccine. And even if they are, British and European regulators have said they were so rare that the vaccine should continue to be used. – The New York Times[1]

While death maybe rare relative to the number vaccinated, you have to consider the fact that while it may only end in death immediately for a small number of people, what is the lesser damage being caused to others?

If the vaccine is causing blood-clotting so severe that death can follow, something very problematic is occurring in the body post-vaccination. For an unlucky few this can result in death, but what is happening in the bodies of those that don’t die?

Indeed, most do not die and few even display signs of blood-clotting, but it is early days and most people still need their second dose. What long-term underlying health conditions could arise from this vaccine?

I do not have the answer; they are merely questions without answers. No answers, because we simply do not know. This is the Phase three trials remember, it is in a 5 or 6 years we may have these answers. By which point the vast majority of the population will be vaccinated, then we will have answers.

The UK has refused to halt the use of the vaccine as they continue to blindly race ahead to ensure their vaccine roll-out is the quickest in Europe. But not all countries are quite so childish:

On Thursday, Germany’s immunization commission, the STIKO, recommended that anyone younger than 60 who received an initial vaccination with AstraZeneca be given either Pfizer-BioN Tech or Moderna shots as their second vaccine doses. And the Netherlands said on Friday that it had temporarily suspended use of the vaccine in people under 60 after the death of a woman there who had been given the shot. – The New York Times[1]

Let us not forget, this is just one side-effect of many. I pray that 5 years from now I am writing about how wrong we all were and how big-pharma for once did a great job, but I fear my prayers will not be answered.

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