Mortality Declines As Colder Weather Subsides, Vaccine Given Credit

Since the dawn of man, humans thrive in during their warmer months, and die off during their colder months.

Depending on where you live in the World this formula can be in reverse, i.e. thrive in cooler months and die off during the extreme heat of summer; but for the UK, we thrive in the summer months and the weak die off in the winter months.

But in a post-covid World of course everything’s different, no longer is a decrease in mortality in April attributed to winter drawing to a close and warmer weather coming through, no-sir-ree. Now, this predictable, to an accuracy 100% phenomenon can be attributed to a man-made pharmaceutical product. You guessed it folks, the COVID-19 vaccine is responsible!

With daily deaths dropping dramatically, and cases plateauing as the vaccine rollout continues, Boris Johnson will announce new lockdown-easing moves tomorrow. – Sky News[1]

While the media are careful to not directly claim the vaccine rollout is connected to the decline in deaths and cases, they are implying as such. Every media outlet is reporting this in the same way. First a statement on the rapid decline in mortality from COVID-19, then a reference to the vaccine roll out.

Britain reported 10 deaths from COVID-19 within 28 days of a positive test on Saturday, the lowest daily figure since early September, as its vaccine rollout reached another milestone. – Reuters[2]


The UK has recorded its lowest number of daily Covid deaths since mid-September, as the country reached a milestone in its vaccine rollout. – ITV[3]

This is called psychological programming,  people may not consciously be aware of it, but with every media outlet and their establishment overlords repeating the same thing, first the decline in deaths, immediately followed by reference to the vaccine rollout, our brains establish a connection between these two events. But in reality, there is none.

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