Israeli spies arrested in Iran indicate further threats of regime change

This Monday, Iran announced the arrest of an “Israeli spy”, amongst others working for foreign intelligence agencies, in the country’s East Azerbaijan Province, leading to speculation, on what Israel had planned against the Islamic Republic.

According to Iran’s media, which quoted an Iranian intelligence minister, the unnamed “Israeli spy” arrested this Monday was operating in East Azerbaijan Province, amongst others in contact with “several foreign intelligence agencies” that were not named. This comes following continuous threats from Israel that assert their willingness to combat “Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon”, a claim disputed by all the authoritative organisations on the subject.

Israel has also just unveiled a new “spy aircraft”, dubbed the ‘Oron’, which is allegedly developed to identify targets for attack in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East. If true, this indicates Israel is developing its capabilities with the objective of striking Iran or assets belonging to Iran, representing a genuine threat to Iranian national security.

On November 27, last year, Iran’s top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated on Iranian soil. Iranian intelligence concluded that Israel was behind the attack, leading the belief that retaliation would come as a result of this. However, we have yet to see Iranian retaliatory measures militarily and have yet to see the International Community work to hold Israel accountable for their violation of Iran’s sovereignty, an act of war, and an illegal assassination.

The relevance of Israel’s assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is key to note here when analyzing the recent string of arrests made in Iran. Despite Western media’s attempt to minimize the threat posed by Israel to Iran, presenting instead an inverse of reality, the threat immediately posed by Israel is very real. In a piece released earlier this year by the ‘Jewish Chronicle’, they claimed to have confirmed the operation was pulled off with over 8 months of spying activities and was done through a team of around 20.

In August of last year Iranian intelligence also announced their dismantlement of 5 spy-rings, belonging to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and Israeli Mossad. Prior to this they had also arrested Jamshid Sharmahd, the head of the US-based Tondar terrorist group, responsible for “armed operations and acts of sabotage from the US” and committed the Seyyed al-Shohada mosque massacre in 2008, killing 14 and wounding 200 others.

In 2019 Iran had also announced that it arrested 17 Iranians, who were found to have spied on nuclear and other sensitive sites for the US government. So given this, along with many other cases of arrests, it is evident that Iran has a real problem on its hands in terms of US and Israeli spy agencies. It is not just allegations from the Iranian government at this point either, these operatives, whether sent from foreign countries or employed inside Iran have committed provable acts of subversion and terrorism on Iranian soil.

There is also the real threat that if Israeli spies are working in the East Azerbaijan Province, that they are seeking to train separatists to weaken the Islamic Republic. Specifically with the Azeri population, there is reason to suggest that separatists – loyal to the idea of a greater Azerbaijan – could be trained, armed, funded and brainwashed by foreign intelligence agencies to start troubles in the country.

The manufacturing of civil-war tactics has been used many times before, in Syria, Libya, and there’s an argument for the Sunni-Shia conflict in Iraq also being fueled by Western intelligence/military operatives. In Iran, out of the country’s 80 million strong population, roughly 20 million are of Azeri descent. Most Azeri-Iranians are loyal to their country and present no threat whatsoever, but in the case of a population so large, all that is needed for civil-war is 1% or less to pick up arms and there are 200,000 militants.

Especially with Azerbaijan maintaining such a close relationship with both Israel and the United States, it is easy to imagine the country being dragged into any conflict of this nature. This is especially the case now that thousands of Turkish-backed ‘Syrian National Army’ (former anti-Syrian government terrorists) are now sitting on Azerbaijan’s southern border with Iran.

The threat posed by Israeli Mossad and CIA spies in Iran is very real. The Western press may attempt to present Iran’s arrests of spies as somehow “paranoid” and “irrational”, ignoring the real operations that have almost brought the region to war which come as a result of these operatives. 

It is predominately in the Western media – for years now – that you will see evidence-free conspiracy theories regularly peddled about Iranian, Chinese, and Russian spies attacking democracy, whilst they instantly assume the innocence of Western Intelligence agencies which have committed provable crimes against foreign countries.

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