Israeli Strikes On Damascus, 4 Syrian Soldiers Injured

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Israeli Strikes On Damascus, 4 Syrian Soldiers Injured

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In the late hours of April 7th and the early hours of April 8th, Syrian air defense intercepted alleged Israeli missiles fired from the occupied Golan Heights.

Syria’s air defenses intercepted and destroyed rockets launched by Israel from the direction of Lebanon and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights towards the Syrian Capital Damascus, state news agency SANA reported.

“At approximately 12:56 am today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with bursts of rockets from the direction of Lebanese territory targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus. Our air defenses confronted the aggression and downed most of the rockets,” SANA said citing a military source.

The alleged Israeli attack wounded four soldiers and caused some material losses, the report added.

Syrian state media broadcast footage of what it said were the air defenses firing, with bright lights seen shooting across the night sky.

Lebanese Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV said its correspondent saw a Syrian defense rocket chasing after an Israeli military aircraft at the border area and explosions were heard across Lebanon.

The strikes come after a series of cargo flights between Syria and Iran were reported over recent weeks.

The airstrikes are the ninth since January, with strikes attributed to Israel reported in eastern, southern and western Syria every month since the beginning of the year. Most of them are on targets near Damascus, however.


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