3 Vaccinated Nuns In Isolation Die Of ‘Covid-19’

Three sisters of the Northern Kentucky monastery have died and 28 of the 35 remaining sisters test positive for COVID-19 following vaccination.

The interesting aspect to this story is that the nuns were in total isolation and have been since the pandemic began.

Sub Prioress Nancy Kordenbrock said:

“We were very shocked by it because we’ve been extremely closed-down. We have not gone anywhere to speak of, and we haven’t had visitors,” – Local 12[1]

The first two deaths occurred just 2 days after their first vaccination in February:

The outbreak comes just two days after the sisters got their first COVID-19 vaccine shot. – Local 12[1]

The third death occurred just a week later:

Another sister at the St. Walburg Monastery has died from complications of COVID-19.

Sister Margaret Mary passed away Wednesday in the St. Elizabeth ICU. She was 90 years old. – Local 12[2]

Now there are a number of questions which arise from this and we can speculate about why a convent in total isolation since the beginning of the pandemic, a convent with no infections from SARS-CoV-2 since the pandemic began, all of a sudden for the first time had infections just days after the first round of vaccination; but the real question is, why the hell are they giving 90 year old nuns who live in virtual isolation anyway an experimental vaccine?

Why risk the human interaction required from an outside party?

Fact checkers of course have been all over this, but they are simply attempting to shut down any suggestion that the vaccine could be causing the deaths directly. But they fail to address the fact that this mass vaccination is increasing unnecessary contact?

Of course, I don’t believe for a second that was the issue, but based on their own narratives this is something they should be reporting, after all as Dr. Steven Feagins said to local 12 news:

“This is actually way more common than you might think” – Local 12[1]

I bet it is, now why do you think that might be?

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