Nearly 40% Of Marines Have Declined Covid-19 Vaccine

As of Thursday, approximately 75,500 Marines have received vaccines, including fully vaccinated and partially vaccinated service men and women. About 48,000 Marines have chosen not to receive vaccines, for a declination rate of 38.9%. – MSN[1]

Thankfully, the military are unable to mandate the vaccine as it still only has emergency use authorization from the FDA. 

But this is not an isolated case, frontline NHS workers in the UK are also refusing the vaccine:

Almost a quarter of NHS staff in some parts of the country are refusing Covid jabs, with official statistics showing more than 200,000 health and care workers putting patients at risk. – Telegraph[3]

And an even larger number of US frontline healthcare workers are declining the jab:

With up to 40% of frontline workers in LA county refusing Covid-19 inoculation experts warn that understanding and persuasion are needed – The Guardian[4]

When they say ‘persuasion’ they mean of course coercion, “Want to keep your job? Then get the vaccine!”. 

While the initial rush to the vaccination centres seem to shatter any illusion that there may have been any kind of opposition to getting the new experimental vaccines, I think we may well see things begin to slow down a bit, the first 30% of a population was always going to be an easy task. 

Please keep spreading awareness about these vaccines and what we DON’T know about them yet. Remind your loved ones they are entirely experimental and not even life insurance will cover any damages caused by the vaccines.

It’s an experiment and we are the test subjects!

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