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An open-source browser that focuses on customizability and uses the tagline “Your Browser, Your Way.”

Pale Moon has a similar user interface (UI) to older versions of Firefox with a separate search box to the right of the address bar enabled by default, a functional status bar, and tabs next to the page content.

It can be customized with a range of themes (which change the appearance of Pale Moon), language packs, add-ons (which add extra functionality to Pale Moon), and search plugins (which let you integrate custom search engines for more than 30 different sites into Pale Moon).

Pale Moon also protects your privacy and comes with no ads, telemetry, spyware, or data gathering.

Other features include a sync service (which can be used to sync bookmarks, open tabs, browsing history, form history, passwords, and some of your preferences between devices), a built-in password manager, and native support for Flash and Java.

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