It’s a Small Ask, Do Your Own Research!

Stay safe, stay at home, space, face, test, track, trace, bla, bla-de-bla,…… the requests from these people are endless and these same short snappy requests seem to quickly pass into the general public.

Well I have one, it’s short, not so snappy, and it is “Do Your Own Research”. Stop parroting bullshit narratives you’ve heard from clueless politicians, pharma paid scientists and the regurgitations from the circus media. Look at the science yourself, believe it or not, you are perfectly capable of reading most scientific studies. You are also quite capable of looking at data.

They will of course have you believe you are an idiot and should leave such things to the experts, but this is simply because an informed public is far harder to dupe into acts of utter stupidity.

‘You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science’ – Forbes[1]

They claim that unless you a specialist in the field of whatever science the study applies too, then you are not mentally qualified to read it and therefore should not. But this is, of course, nonsense.

We should always attempt to look at the source of any information rather than rely on another’s interpretation of information, particularly when financial motives are at play.

If you do not understand something in the information you read, find someone that does, and better still research a little more and learn something new.

 “Vaccines are Safe & Effective”, another great sweeping statement that holds know scientific basis in the real world, and yet you are expected to, without question, swallow it and take the appropriate action. Those who dare do their own research and then question this tedious slogan are labelled anti-vaxxers.

But fear not, those applying the labels are the fools. They choose to trust in the almighty state, you decided to check things out for yourselves, even after being told you ‘re a dim-witted fool incapable of reading scientific studies and literature.  You put the effort in and came to a different conclusion.

I know my readers here all do their own research, I’d hope you question everything and never assume what you are reading or hearing is the gospel, regardless of whether it comes from Matt Hancock’s mouth, The Guardian or Vernon Coleman – Everything is questionable information, DYOR.

That is it, rant over. Peace, Love, and a whole lot of Anarchy x

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