Trump: 'Twitter Is Really Boring — A Lot of People Are Leaving Twitter'

Near the end of his presidency, Donald Trump was kicked off of social media platform Twitter for alleged violations of its terms of service.

More than three months have passed since, and during an interview that aired on Friday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Hannity,” Trump discussed how he was getting his message out without access to Twitter or Facebook.

“I think all of that, but I’m getting the word out because we are doing releases. Every time I do a release, it’s all over the place. It is better than Twitter. Much more elegant than Twitter, and Twitter is really boring. A lot of people are leaving Twitter. It has become very, very boring. When I started with Twitter years ago, it was like a failed thing, concept, a platform, fail. It was failed. And it became exciting. And I think I had a lot to do with it, to be honest with you, it became exciting. Now it is boring. It is no good anymore. The people were telling me.”

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